Mother Pucker

May 19, 2008


Click 2 Magnify and REPLAY

just for the record after 21 accounts and a scraper named Panopticons, Meg Fowler and the transgendered Amanda Chapel let me follow. Sometimes being a jerk has benefits. Except then I realized the Meg Fowler is actually really annoying if you actually follow her. They just might be “Manon”, because there was nothing worthwhile to actually listen to. Sad but true lesson. These ladies don’t like followers because they don’t want you listening to themselves talk about boring redundant things in life. It isn’t being a snob that makes them elitist, it is they’re vanity of letting people smell they’re dirty underwear. I don’t know why Meg Fowler does this on twitter… but I guess habits are hard to break. If you ask her I’m sure she will say I’m a jerk, but I’m willing to bet based on the psychological profile of Meg Fowler that she probably dated a lot bigger jerks then I am. I just don’t buy the creepy complaint.