Anna Kournikova and Mothassan Gaddafi and the gay brother Saadi

November 20, 2011
…Anna Kournikova
and Mothassan Gaddafi
and the gay brother Saadi…

Saadi Gaddafi…

…Years ago I went to the US Open with my father and brother. We watched Kournikova play and she kept on looking over to the sidelines to see if my brother was watching. My brother was maybe 16 years old, but she kept on flirting with him. I couldn’t figure out why.  I do admit it made me jealous, but now… it doesn’t. I figured out why she had the hots for my brother. She dated Mothassan Gaddafi!!!! She’s got a thing for dark skinned Arabs. She thought we were Arabs and not Jews.

oh… and by the way… Saadi, the Gaddafi that got away to Niger? the hipster one who plaid football? I figured out why Hillary and Saadi got along so well. Saadi was gay. The rebels found gay porn all over the place. and I don’t mean like he was a little curious and wanted to see what it looked like, I mean he was a raving queen. He must of really loved being captain of the Libyan football team.