Pollard’s Family Pleads to Allow Him to Attend Father’s Funeral

June 18, 2011
btw the liberal bleeding heart president of Israel could not find it within him to ask Obama to grant a favor and allow Pollard mercy. Check your political label at the door Peres.
Morris Pollard, the [proud] father of Jonathan Pollard,  has died at age 95. HIs family has sent an urgent plea to President Obama, asking him to show mercy and allow Jonathan Pollard compassionate leave to attend his father’s funeral. Jonathan Pollard was convicted for passing classified information to a foreign country and has been  incarcerated for 26 years 

Pollard’s father had been hospitalized for the last several months. During this period, activists on Pollard’s behalf and various well-known Israelis, attempted to no avail to obtain permission for Jonathan to visit his father on a 24 hour leave.
The refusal prompted MK Aryeh Eldad to send a message of condolence to Jonathan, saying: “The people of Israel will not forget President Obama’s cruelty in ignoring all the requests to free you. A president who lacks the basic human feeling that would allow a son’s visit to his dying father should not wonder that the Jewish people will make every effort to prevent his re-election.”

A petition signed by a 75  israeli MK’s, asking Obama to allow Pollard to visit his dying father was to have been handed to Vice President Joe Biden shortly.  It came too late. via israelnationalnews.com

Telling the MKs more about his son, Morris Pollard said, “Jonathan is the most brilliant man I have ever known…He is a much stronger person than his parents.”
After his son was arrested, Pollard said, he did not understand what he had done wrong. “He told me he didn’t understand what was wrong, ‘what’s so bad about warning an ally of danger?’ he asked. I told him I didn’t know.”via myrightword.blogspot.com

Pollard’s meaningful work
is in fifth decade
via newsinfo.nd.edu

Pollard, who has published more than 300 scientific articles, oversees the longest running medical research program at Notre Dame. For more than 40 years, he has been using germ-freeLobund-Wistarrats to study disease mechanisms. Among his important findings: While 30 percent of all the rats develop prostate cancer spontaneously by age two, only three percent of those fed a diet rich in soy protein exhibited the disease at that age. And importantly, refractory prostate cancers were significantly prevented in the soy-consuming rats. Refractory tumors are fast-growing, invasive, metastatic, and resistant to a wide range of therapies. Since neither prevention nor therapy is feasible against the development of refractory cancers, they are a major impediment to the survival of cancer patients.