Army of Islam leader killed in Israeli airstrike

December 31, 2011

(Logo of the Global Jihad terror movemet)

(from 24 7 com/Reuters/Israel Defense Forces/Vlad Tepes) Muslims hold a funeral procession for Momen Abu Daf in the Gaza Strip on Friday, Dec. 30. Photo Credit: AP

Israel killed the leader of an al Qaeda-inspired faction in an airstrike on the Gaza Strip on Friday, accusing him of launching short-range rockets into the Jewish state.

Militants identified the man as Momen Abu Daf of the Army of Islam, part of a loose network of Palestinian groups that profess allegiance to al Qaeda and which have been reinforced by radical Salafi volunteers from neighbouring Egypt.
Abu Daf was killed when a missile hit Gaza City’s Zeitoun neighbourhood, the Hamas administration said. Five other Palestinians were wounded and one of them needed hospital treatment, the Palestinian Health Ministry said.

Actual IDF press release on this:Update: Muaman Abu-daf- Senior Global Jihad Operative Target: Military sources: “The terrorist who was targeted earlier this morning is Muaman Abu-daf, a senior operative in the Global Jihad terror movement. He orchestrated and executed numerous and varied terror attacks against Israeli citizens and IDF soldiers including laying explosive devices in the area adjacent to the security fence and was involved in different firing incidents. Furthermore, Abu-daf was actively involved in the preparations of the attempted terror attack on the Israel-Egypt border that was thwarted this week.”