The Liberal Jewish Eunuch

April 3, 2012

(Sultan Knish)Liberal Jews have become the eunuchs in the modern Byzantiums, trusted to administer the system because they have no interests of their own. When Jewish groups are asked to define Jewish interests they inevitably reel off a series of liberal platitudes about immigration, abortion, tolerance and gay rights. It’s not that Jewish interests don’t exists, it’s that they have been steadily excluded from the dialogue space and liberal policies have been treated as their equivalent. Israel is the last stand. It’s the last Jewish interest that is specifically ethnic and religious, rather than some vague nostrum about Tikkun Olam and what Jewish values have to say about importing HIV positive Peruvians. And it’s no wonder that it’s so fiercely under attack.
The eunuchs can be trusted because they have no families and no children. They have no future and so they have no outside interests. They are contemptible for those reasons, but also useful for those reasons. You can trust a eunuch to see to things without worrying that he will selfishly help his own, because he has no ‘own’, he is an isolate, a dead end, a withered branch. The liberal Jew has the same role and for the same reason. His identity is a transitory thing on the path to integration. He has a future, but not a Jewish future. Like the eunuch, he is a dead branch of the tree.
Everyone knows Jews are clannish. It’s one of the stereotypes, right up there with cheap. But the Jewish eunuch can’t be clannish, not really, because the eunuch has no clan except his own kind and they aren’t much of a worry because eunuchs don’t reproduce. They may form their own groups and chatter on about whatever it is eunuchs care about, but everyone knows they have no future. Wait a few generations and they’ll be gone.
And that is the trouble with Israel, it is much too alive. It is a Jewish country swarming with Jews. It actually calls on ethnic and religious allegiances. It is the last Jewish interest there is. It is the dream muddying the waters of the eunuch’s loyalties. And it has to be destroyed for the liberals eunuchs to keep their place in the bureaucracy of the postmodern borderless state. (MORE)

I usually like to do a cartoon when I see a great Sultan Knish post… I don’t think you want to see me drawing this…. so I’m posting the whole thing. Ouch!