Egypt arrests Hamas intelligence agent with knowledge of where Gilad Shalit is

September 20, 2010

Cairo, 20 Sept. (AKI) – A top Hamas intelligence agent has been arrested in Egypt on suspicion of participating in activities designed to compromise national security, Arabic newspaper al-Ahran reported on Monday, citing a security source.
Mohammed Dababish was accused of taking part in the killing of a border guard along the Gaza Strip, among other crimes, according to the daily, which said he was apprehended last week while returning from a trip to Syria.
Dababish is part of an unit that oversees intelligence inside of Gaza.
Dababish is believed to have been involved in a failed attempt to smuggle sophisticated radio equipment into Gaza which is embargoed by Egypt and Israel, according to the source.
Egypt has arrested a number of Hamas officials since one of its soldiers was killed in a border shooting early this year. Egypt believes Hamas was involved in the shooting.

Now if Egypt wants information on the location of Gilad Shalit then all they need to do is twist this guy’s nipples.