Wharton caves to Muslim bigotry, Cancels Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s keynote

March 4, 2013
(Atlas) It’s hard to watch. American stalwart institutions giving up our most basic freedom to Islamic supremacists, goons and thugs.
I just got the news that Gujrat’s Chief Minister, Sri Narendra Bhai Modi’s speech has been cancelled in the  USA, and some other Indian leader may speak in his place. This is likely due to the leftist Obama adminstration working in tandem with the pro-Islamic supremacist corrupt Congress government that is ruling India. Atlas reader Seema sent this to me. The loss of our most basic freedoms without firing a shot is stunning.
This mirrors Harvard’s firing of Subramanian Swamy. Voices of freedom snuffed out by sharia enforcers.

It is appalling that some professors and students of Communist and Muslim background are protesting against Wharton’s students’ body decision to invite Shri Narendra Modi. Four times elected Chief Minister Narendra Modi is hailed to be the next Prime Minister of India and has been praised as a Powerful Global Leader by the heads of many countries including Japan, China, European Union, etal. He has been invited to deliver a keynote speech at Wharton India Economic Forum about his amazing all round inclusive development work and peaceful minimum government maximum governance, which he has been delivering in his Indian State of Gujarat for the past 12 years.
The bad news is that Wharton School is disregarding the sacred US First Amendment, which guarantees absolute Free Speech to every individual, by getting influenced by few Islamic bigots on campus and is planning to cancel invitation given to Shri Narendra Modi. This has been reported in an article on NDTV, which is an extremely Leftist pro-Muslim leaning Indian news channel, at http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/after-outrage-will-wharton-rethink-inviting-narendra-modi-as-speaker-337471
Please note that, contrary to the lies peddled by Muslims and Leftist lobbyists in the US, a special investigation team appointed by the Supreme Court of India has found no evidence of commission or omission against Shri Narendra Modi, and has exonerated him of all allegations in 2002 Gujarat riots case. 2002 Gujarat riots happened after a Muslim terrorist mob roasted alive 59 Hindu devotees including women and children, who were returning from the Hindu holy city of Ayodhya, by locking them in a train compartment and lighting it on fire using gallons of petrol. It is bizarre that there is even a protest against Shri Modi because there is not even a single police report or complaint filed against this innocent man in any Police Station or Court in India.
If you remember a few years back Columbia University had invited Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and he delivered an anti-semitic and anti-gay speech on its campus. As expected no Muslims or Communists protested at that time. It seems as per these Universities, Free Speech Rights are for genocidal Islamic dictators only (who themselves deny the same Right to others) and not for four times democratically and fairly elected honorable public representative Shri Narendra Modi. Please note that Shri Modi’s government has come back to power again recently with a thumping majority, especially in most Muslim dominated constituencies. Sometime ago Harvard University gave into the pressures of Muslim and Leftist bigots and canceled Shri Subramanian Swamy’s Economics class because he wrote an article about Islamic terror in his personal capacity.
This is a very dangerous and intolerant trend against Free Speech in the US. Please take a moment to write to the Chair and other organizers of Wharton India Economic Forum extending your support for their decision to invite Shri Narendra Modi and ask them not to give into the pressures of Muslim bullies, who want to suppress Free Speech of a innocent Global leader.

Organizers’ contact information is available at http://www.whartonindia.com/about.php and is given below:
PR Head:
Marketing & Sponsorship:
Please also email or call the Dean of Wharton School, etal asking them to respect the US First Amendment, to not step on the toes of Indian Justice System by disregarding latter’s verdict, and to not give into illegal demands of Islamic bigots. Following is the contact information:
Thomas Robertson
Dean, The Wharton School
Email: robertson@wharton.upenn.edu
215.898.4715 (phone)
Phyllis Stevenson
Media Relations Coordinator, Wharton Communications
215.898.8036 (phone)
Peter Winicov
Senior Associate Director, Wharton Communications
215.746.6471 (phone)
Malini Doddamani
Director, Wharton Communications
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