Mighty facebook crumbles in SPAM

January 27, 2008

I just got a spam on my facebook wall! something about ringtones. the honeymoon with facebook is over.
amazing but true…. I don’t get spam at myspace anymore….. hmmmmmm also in myspace when I asked to add a friend the interface asked me to send a message and there is a kind of feed there… could it be? is the mighty facebook becoming a slum? hmmmmmm Groucho Marx once said he would never want to be in a club that would have himself as a member. If Zuckerberg let me come back? …who else slipped through the crack. East Germany falls? …and will all bemoan the Stalinist state?

spam is gone on myspace. the problem is people’s page profiles sometimes…. but frankly that is a nice filtering agent. usually the self righteous jerks that think they’re farts smell better then others have cluttered myspace pages. people that are smart know how to be defined by your friends comments. I actually enjoy the culture…. and to be honest outside of a very few people… my connections and friends were happening @ myspace. now that facebook has become less snobby… it is becoming a more friendly environment. believe it or not I think the whole Scoble Affair & Beacon was a sobering element. It made the admins here realize that they were not g-d. it isn’t about technology anymore. social networking is about making people love the place.

when I was a student at Carnegie Mellon University the student center was this fugly modernish building name Skibo (named after Andrew Carnegie’s castle). This building was dilapidated and falling apart. there were New York City Public Schools that looked in better condition then this ugly 60’s trash heap. At any rate…. it had a very homey charm and though people thought it was ugly and trashy… and dirty and scummy. People just kind of got used to it. It basically was nothing but a cafeteria… not much as far as lecture hall or anything… but it was the location that George H Bush gave his famous “VooDoo economics speech”. during my Sophomore year they tore down old Skibo and built a state of the art “STUDENT CENTER”. The “STUDENT CENTER” had not only a food court… it had a Gymnasium and sports workout room. It had a movie theatre and state of the art lecture hall. It had it’s own coffee bar… this new student center was awesome… and yet… everyone missed old “SKIBO” because it had a history and because it had a soul that was hard to define. The new place had everything and was made of brick and had a classical not modern feel… and yet something was lacking. It was hard to explain… but the new Student Center felt like a shopping mall. It was too high tech. an engineering school like CMU needed to relax… not feel like they have entered the Panopticon of hell. People began comparing the architecture of the “Student Center” to the architecture of Italy under Mussolini. The lesson? Sometimes people just like the shitty old thing.

and then this happened: thrown off myspace
I take it all back