More protests in Syria. The WORLD is too busy attacking Libya… WTF!?!?

March 20, 2011

In Daraa, in southwestern Syria, protests against Bashar al-Assad’s regime continued for a third day.

Dara’a. Demonstrations continue in the city and witnesses speak of more killings today. Appeals on Facebook for more medical supplies to the Midani Hospital and the al-Omari Mosque, turned into a hospital. The city is closed shut to any outsiders. People from the region are sending urgent messages that Assad’s Security Forces are using a version of some tear gas and people are dropping to the ground like flies. THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY MUST RESPOND TO PROTECT SYRIANS FROM THE SAVAGERY OF ASSAD BECAUSE HE IS EMBARKING ON ANOTHER HAMA.
Damascus. Syrian officials are claiming that unknown ASSAILANTS, wearing stolen military outfits, are behind the killing in Dara’a. It said the government is investigating the matter urgently. They still think Syrians are stupid.
Damascus. According to Razan Zeitouneh, human rights lawyer, Assad’s security forces have contained a large demonstration in the center of Damascus.

I would bet that the Assad regime is using mustard gas. Anyone want to bet that despite its going after Gadhafi this weekend, the ‘international community’ will not go after Assad? More on that soon.