Female Reporter Says She Was Harassed by ‘Occupy DC’ Protesters

November 5, 2011

(spectator.org) Members of the “Occupy DC” movement harassed a young female reporter during a protest Friday in Washington, D.C., shouting obscenities and preventing her from conducting interviews.Michelle Fields, a video reporter for the Daily Caller, said she was stalked for three hours Friday while attempting to cover protests outside the Americans for Prosperity “Defending the American Dream Summit” at the Washington Convention Center.Fields said she “did not feel comfortable, because at one point there were a whole group of men surrounding me saying, ‘F-Michelle Fields.’ And I went to a police officer and I told him that I felt these people were harassing me. And the police officer said he’d take care of it, but it never ended. These people were harassing me for the entire evening.”
One of the anti-capitalist “Occupy DC” protesters was evidently assigned to monitor Fields and her video camerawoman, following the Daily Caller crew to harass and heckle them. Fields said the protesters shouted “You’re worse than Fox” and “right-wing extremists,” called her “ugly” and made remarks about her clothing. When she attempted to conduct interviews, Fields said, “an individual would jump in front of the camera and stop the interview, or block it with a piece of paper or cardboard. . . . they talked to people who were part of Occupy DC and told them not to talk to us.”
Fields said she had talked to Daily Caller editors and asked not to be assigned to cover “Occupy DC” protests in the future. “I actually don’t feel safe going back to those protests, because they singled me out, they singled out the Daily Caller,” she said. “I just don’t think it’s safe for me to be back around those people.

Michelle Fields …don’t tell me there isn’t a sexual element to all of this. …. Tahrir Square comes to mind. Somehow I doubt this has to do with their slant on economics… or maybe it does. In fact I’m sure this is actually the real source of unemployment in America… but let’s just say I can’t talk about it without pissing off the ladies… which is sad… but the truth. Just looking at this photo makes me aggressive. narf… you hate me… don’t you? yeah… oh those bad OWS protesters… but come on… what did the reporter expect? Did she think the smelly hippies were into peace and love and all that kind of stuff?