Michele Bachmann: "Obama is selling out America to the Muslim countries."

September 29, 2012


Former Critic of ‘Islamophobia’ Calls Michele Bachmann ‘Courageous’

July 30, 2012

  on Jul 30th, 2012 

Reprinted from Breitbart.com.
Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) is receiving support for her recent statements on the Muslim Brotherhood from an interesting source: Eric Allen Bell, a former supporter of an Islamic mosque who did a 180 degree turn after research convinced him that reality of Islam is quite different than it’s portrayed by the left.
In an interview, Bell called Bachmann “unbelievably courageous” and said he believes that “the Islamization of the West is the defining issue of our time.”

Eric Allen Bell is one of today’s most outspoken voices on the dangers posed by Islam’s war on the West, but the Los Angeles based filmmaker actually began his journey planning to expose “Islamophobia.” Bell used to be a hero of the left, garnering praise from Michael Moore and DailyKos for his film project that set out to show that opposition to a proposed Mega-Mosque in Murfreesboro, Tennessee was coming from conservative crackpots.

A funny thing happened as Bell worked on the film; he ran into the truth about Islam. The truth wasn’t pretty, nor did it jibe with the narrative that the left spins about Islam as a “religion of peace.”
When Bell began to discuss the truth about Islam’s dangers, the funding for his film dried up and his former friends on the left began their attacks–a process familiar to anyone who has seen what happens when the left’s narrative is challenged.
Now, Bell has written a number of pieces for Frontpage, the website founded by former leftist radical turned conservtive David Horowitz, that tells what he’s learned about Islam, its “soft jihad” against the West, and the support that it has from the left.
In this excerpt from my recent interview with Bell, he discusses one of the reasons the Muslim Brotherhood is dangerous and how he feels about Rep. Bachmann’s recent remarks that earned her scorn from the mainstream media and even 2008 Republican presidential candidate John McCain.
Bell said:

There are numerous Muslim Brotherhood front groups that have found there way into our society, our culture, our legal system, politics, media, academia. And what’s concerning about that during the “Holy Land” trial that was the largest bust by the FBI of an Islamic charity funneling money to Islamic terrorism–by the way, in Islam terrorism is a a form of charity–during that bust it was exposed that the Muslim Brotherhood had all these front groups and had in their charter, a memo that said their objective was that they were sowing “civilization jiihad,” and the point of civilization jihad was that it was a soft jihad, a non-violent jihad and the objective was the destroy the West from the inside by its own evil hand.

When you use words like “infilitration,” that probably sounds paranoid to the general public but if anyone does the actual research, that’s exactly what’s happening–especially under this administration. For Bachmann to have done the research and just tell it like it is, knowing the political cost, is unbelievably courageous and I wish more leaders would support her in doing this and get behind this because the Islamization of the West is the defining issue of our time and if we don’t wake up to do something about it now, it’ll be too late.

Listen to the whole interview here.

Haredi soldiers ordered to clean women’s restrooms

January 5, 2012

When the system is infected with feminism the best way to deal with the system is correct the system through rejection. I know the men in Israel want to protect themselves, but there is no reason to assume they will have to tolerate the tyranny of gender androgyny to do this. Men in the U.S. and around the world should do the same. We should have expectations and boundaries. To deny the power structure of gender is to deny transparency. It’s dishonest… and don’t act like you are above honesty. How many of you said you were voting for Bachmann and then didn’t. How many Bachmann supporters in Iowa decided not to point out the things about Bachmann that you didn’t like to the media and spoke silently when no one could see you in the poll… and all things considered Bachmann was a great lady… but there was something telling both men and women that America needed a male right now in a leadership position… in the same respect that the Left voted for Obama over Hillary Clinton. These men in Israel are merely a lot more honest then you are about working trusts. They are the ones with the children… they are the ones that are making the system work. Secular culture is death. It is about weakness… and yes gender identity most certainly plays a part in it.

(Carl) This was mentioned in passing on Wednesday, but I wanted to highlight it as a separate story. Soldiers in the Nachal Charedi unit were ordered to clean women’s restrooms at the Tel Nof Air Force base on Monday. They were also ordered to sit through a lecture with women soldiers. Both incidents are violations of the soldiers’ terms of service.

Soldiers told Arutz Sheva that when they realized they were about to attend a lesson alongside women, they complained to their commanders. In response, they said that one of the base commanders said: “From now on, this is the procedure.” He added: “We will not have exclusion of women here from now on.”
The soldiers said they were also instructed to clean women’s restrooms as part of their routine participation in cleaning and maintaining the base. This, too, is a violation of the terms of service that stipulate that they will remain within their training area and not enter women’s quarters.
Eliyahu Lax, chairman of the Association for the Torah-Observant Soldier, said that he had spoke to senior figures in the battalion who averred that the story was true. “Unfortunately,” he said, “we are getting the feeling, and not for the first time, that the IDF is not interested in hareidim, and the entire issue of incentives for enlisting hareidim is simply raised in order to use hareidim as a punching bag.”
The hareidi soldiers have braved the hurdle of the disapprobation of some members of their community, who feel that they are going against the hareidi way of life and that they will end up lowering their standards of religious observance. These incidents are being used to show that those anti-army elements are right.
The IDF said Wednesday that an inquiry was held into the event following the soldiers’ complaints and that “instructions regarding the activities of Shachar Kachol have been refreshed in order to prevent similar incidents from happening again in the future.”

It would be a shame if Nachal Charedi fell apart over this. A real shame. But that’s where this is headed. If the army shows that their promises are meaningless, the rabbis will come out against Nachal Charedi outright (until now, they have adopted a posture where they neither condone nor condemn it) and then no one from the Haredi community will enlist.
Some people apparently think the best solution is to cut off your nose to spite your face. Whether that includes the IDF’s top brass remains to be seen.

At RJC forum, Prez cands will ‘put to bed smears’ by DNC, Wasserman Schultz (also Ron Paul excluded)

December 4, 2011

UPDATEII: The brouhaha continues. See below.
UPDATE: What’s the deal with Ron Paul and the RJC? See below.
When seven of the top Republican presidential candidates gather next week at a forum hosted by the Republican Jewish Coalition, they will “unequivocally put to bed the political smears” regarding aid to Israel that have been promulgated by the Democratic National Committee and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz (D-Fla), according to RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks.
In an interview earlier today, Brooks gave me a preview of what to expect at the RJC’s 2012 Republican Presidential Candidates Forum, which is scheduled to take place on Wednesday of next week at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center. The event will feature remarks and speeches by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), Herman Cain, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Amb. Jon Huntsman, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, former Gov. Mitt Romney and former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.). (Note that Texas Rep. Ron Paul, no good friend of Israel, will not be in the house.)
Each of the candidates, Brooks said, will make an effort to “put to bed the political smears by the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Shultz that the leading Republicans want to cut aid to Israel.”
The issue has become a point of concern among pro-Israel forces, most of whom were shocked when Perry declared during a debate earlier this month that foreign aid should “start at zero” for all countries — including Israel (Romney and Gingrich supported zeroing out all foreign aid, but Israel wasn’t specifically mentioned).
Democrats, including the National Jewish Democratic Council, quickly seized on the comments, attempting to paint the Republican candidates as out of touch and potentially harmful to the Jewish state.
Brooks stated that he is certain that each of the Republican candidates will assure the crowd that they would never abandon Israel – and that as commander in chief they would do all they can to bolster it.
And it’s the perfect forum for the candidates to set the record straight on this topic, as the Reagan building will be jam packed with Jewish Republicans, communal leaders and pro-Israel stalwarts.
The RJC has held its candidates forum in each presidential election cycle since 1988. This one, however, is particularly noteworthy as it comes just 30 days before the critical Iowa Caucus.
Brooks anticipates that the candidates will use the podium to crystalize and explain their foreign policy views on a range of subjects, such as Iran.
“You’ll see a lot of the candidates use this an opportunity to clearly articulate their vision for Israel and the challenges in the Middle East, as well as how they plan to lead the country forward out of these challenging economic times,” Brooks said.
In addition, the RJC announced earlier this week that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will provide a keynote address in the afternoon.
“You’ll hear an impassioned argument for why we need change,” said Brooks.
UPDATE: After taking some heat across the interwebs and elsewhere, the RJC clarified its stance on Ron Paul earlier today.
Paul was not invited to attend the RJC’s candidates forum because the organization – as it has stated numerous times in the past – “rejects his misguided and extreme views,” said Brooks.
“He’s just so far outside of the mainstream of the Republican party and this organization,” Brooks said. Inviting Paul to attend would be “like inviting Barack Obama to speak.”
Mystery solved.
UPDATEII: As they’re known to do, Ron Paul backers have bombed this blog with comments (read: lunacy).
If you want to get a picture of why the RJC is right to exclude Paul, just peruse through some of the bizarre rants in the comments section below. Many verge on being anti- Semitic, while most express overt hostility to the state of Israel.

Jimmy Fallon Apologizes For Show’s Controversial Musical Message To Michele Bachmann

November 23, 2011
I’d say she got the last laugh the next night when she won the debate. I never liked Fallon. He was never funny… he comes across as the kind of guy who just gets by. He’s like a lump. I understand that some of the women thought he had sex appeal, but I doubt they will think that way now. He’s a F’n scum bag. Can anyone think of anything Fallon has ever done that is funny? He has never… ever made me laugh. I don’t know why he’s made it. He’s obviously a kiss ass. Sometimes I think I hate him because maybe I’m jealous or something, but now I realize my gut feelings about Fallon are right on. He’s a slippery scumbag that makes the people around him the but of a joke without ever really being goofy or making fun of himself. It’s rare that I really dislike an entertainer… even if I despise their politics.
(Fox News) Jimmy Fallon, the host of NBC’s “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” issued an apology Tuesday night to Republican Presidential contender Michele Bachmann after a snippet of a controversial song was performed by the show’s band as she took the stage.
“I’m honored that @MicheleBachmann was on our show yesterday and I’m so sorry about the intro mess. I really hope she comes back,” a Twitter message from Fallon’s account said.
As Bachmann strode on to the NBC stage for Fallon’s late-night show, the program’s band, led by Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, played a snippet of a 1985 Fishbone song called “Lyin’ Ass Bitch.”
The song begins with a distinctive “la la la la la la la la la” refrain — the only words that were audible before Bachmann, smiling and waving to the audience, sat down for her interview.
The song itself, about a relationship gone wrong, isn’t political, but it repeats the refrain “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” about a dozen times.
Bachmann’s campaign had no immediate comment, but the snub had some women criticizing the “Late Night” song choice.
Congresswoman Nita Lowey, D-N.Y., said in a statement that she shares little in common with Bachmann politically, but called the song “insulting” and “inappropriate.”
“I do not share Michele Bachmann’s politics, but she deserves to be treated with respect,” the statement read. “No female politician – and no woman – should be subjected to sexist and offensive innuendo like she was last night.”
Feministing editor Chloe Angyal agreed, adding that the language is unacceptable.
“It’s never acceptable to call a woman a bitch. Period,” Angyal told Fox411. “Challenge Bachmann on the issues all you want, fact check her, call her out on her dishonesty. Do not call her, or anyone else, a bitch.”
This isn’t the first time that Bachmann has been attacked along gender lines. Back in January, things grew heated between Bachmann and the Democratic Senator Arlen Spector on a local Philadelphia radio station.
“I’m going to treat you like a lady,” Mr. Specter parried. “Now act like one.”

Bachmann replied, “I am a lady.”

While appearing on Fallon’s program, where she was promoting her book “Core of Conviction,” Bachmann was less veiled than the bandleader with her own jabs.
When asked the one word that immediately came to mind when she heard fellow Republican contender Rick Perry’s name, Bachmann joked: “That’s not one word, I gotta do three: Governor. Texas. I can’t remember, oops.”
Before the show, bandleader Thompson tweeted hints as to his band’s plans for Bachmann’s entrance music.
“aight late night walkon song devotees: you love it when we snark: this next one takes the cake. ask around cause i aint tweeting title,” he wrote on his Twitter account.
Apparently worried his original tweet might be too obtuse, Thompson tweeted again:
“take a guess. buy the record anyway. its classic and should be in your vocabulary,” he wrote with a link to a Fishbone album containing the song.
Fallon joked on Twitter after the show that Thompson was grounded.
The show itself didn’t have any comment.
The Roots frequently make obscure song choices as Fallon’s guests are introduced, but they don’t usually call guests derogatory names.
For example, when Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs came out, they played part of Genesis’ “Illegal Alien,” a reference to Dobbs’ frequent commentaries on the topic. Kathie Lee Gifford was saluted with UB40’s “Red Red Wine,” a reference to the drink she often shares on-air with “Today” co-host Hoda Kotb.
– The Associated Press contributed to this report.

P.S.: I know I published the hot dog pic myself on this blog, but it was news. I actually really like Bachmann.

Congress and the ADL calls on Obama to apologize to Netanyahu [UPDATED]

November 9, 2011

Even the ADL dhimmis are forced to condemn Obama after saying they didn’t want to make Israel a campaign issue:

We are deeply disappointed and saddened by this decidedly un-Presidential exchange between Presidents Sarkozy and Obama.
President Obama’s response to Mr. Sarkozy implies that he agrees with the French leader. In light of the revelations here, we hope that the Obama Administration will do everything it can to reassure Israel that the relationship remains on a sure footing and to reinvigorate the trust between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu, which clearly is not what it should be.
What is sad is that we now have to worry to what extent these private views inform foreign policy decisions of the U.S. and France — two singularly important players in the peace process.

[UPDATE]: Bachmann Wants Obama to Apologize to Netanyahu

Congressman Mike Grimm (R-NY) has called on President Obumbler to apologize to Prime Minister Netanyahu:

November 8, 2011
For Immediate Release
Carol Danko 202-225-3371
Rep. Grimm Calls on President Obama to Apologize to Israeli P.M. Netanyahu over G20 Remarks
WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Michael G. Grimm (R,C-NY) issued the following statement in response to President Obama’s remarks overheard at the G20 summit criticizing Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu:
“I find President Obama’s criticism of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu highly offensive and call on him to issue a formal apology on behalf of the American people. Whether the microphones are on or off, the message to our allies in Israel should always remain the same: ‘We stand with you.’
“As an American, I understand the importance of the U.S.-Israel relationship to our own national security as well as to the peace and security of the Middle East. As a member of Congress, I will do all I can to ensure our alliance remains strong.
“President Obama’s comments are disgraceful and inappropriate coming from someone who holds the highest office in the United States. They provide a poor and inaccurate reflection of the American people he was elected to represent, and they must be rescinded.”
Rep. Michael Grimm is a co-chair of the House Republican Israel Caucus.

(Israel Matzav) Grimm has accurately characterized Obama’s remarks. But I don’t want a self-serving apology from Obama. I want Netanyahu to issue a statement thanking the President for finally letting out in the open how he really feels about Netanyahu and about Israel. We would also be deeply grateful if he could release the original recording so that it can be used in ads in the 2012 campaign.

That corn dog was subsidized. You dirty girl. #RightWingPorn #PresidentialErection

August 14, 2011
Media Penis… I mean Bias

Just_be_glad you are not in politics. Poor Michelle Bachman; Did they did do this to Obama too?…Note to public figures. Don’t eat sausages and hotdogs out in the open. So there it is. They got her good. And I like her… so don’t get upset Michelle. I couldn’t resist the chuckle. btw… I didn’t like your answer in New Hampshire on the abortion question. you are either for it or against it. There is no in between ground. Children of rape can be adopted. I’m wondering however if you ate that hotdog with your own volition …I just want to say it again. I’m not tarring you like Sarah Palin. I’m posting this lovingly… because I get the feeling that you are a nice lady… I guess I’m just not in a good mood. The devil made me repost this. Btw… maybe I can get the same image of Obama so that no one will think I’m biased or partisan or something. H/T from someone who probably does not want credit for pointing this out to me. and from The Duckman @ Hipster Jew