Palestinian arrested for arms deal in Miami

September 7, 2010

Florida police arrest Abdalaziz Aziz Hamayel on suspicion of trying to purchase hundreds of stolen weapons, ammunition; transfer arms to ‘his people’.

(Ynet) A Palestinian man was arrested in South Florida’s Miami International Airport on suspicion of attempting to purchase hundreds of stolen weapons and ammunition.
Local TV channel WSVN on Tuesday identified the suspect as Abdalaziz Aziz Hamayel, who has “deep ties to the West Bank.”
The report said Hamayel attempted to purchase some 300 different weapons, which he planned to transfer to “his people.”
According to a complaint filed with the police, “Hamayel contacted the confidential source to discuss the weapons and explosives he was requesting for purchase.
“Hamayel specifically requested a quantity of 300 M-16 rifles, 9mm handguns, UZI submachine guns, silencers and grenades,” it stated.
In addition, the report claimed Hamayel was also interested in purchasing remote detonation devices.
The local TV channel reported that the Florida police have been trailing Hamayel for over a year, but lost track of him for a while.
Hamayel was arrested August 29 after disembarking a plane from Jordan to Miami International Airport. He was arrested before completing the arms purchase deal.