message to my baby cousin on John McCain

June 2, 2008

Julie Bisceglia
Today at 9:02am
why do you feel McCain is best for the job?

Noah David Simon
Today at 10:20pm
John McCain

(1) he is a mover and a shaker. he’s a guy who can get change done. He has a record of it. He supports the right issues at the right time. He understands complexities. He understood in the 90’s that healthcare was important and he understands the complexities with our relationship with Mexico.

(2) He also understands that our country has to win the war. Our economy bloomed after World War 2 and fell apart after Vietnam… (our well being is committed to Iraq) McCain understands alternative fuel, but he understands economics enough to know that to switch to wind, solar and corn will take time. It will not happen over night. (I’m sorry we didn’t do anything in the 80’s and 90’s about these issues and that was why I was a Democrat and involved in Environmental agencies, but I also know enough about alternative fuels to know that we can’t just snap our fingers and hope our whole existence goes solar. It just isn’t realistic. To win in Iraq will help our country get over the hump just long enough for us to switch energy sources. America is sitting on a huge fuel bank and the reason other countries hate us so much is they know how rich America is with a future. But we will be in debt to China if we don’t win in Iraq and get just enough petroleum fuel to allow the economy to switch engines. McCain is Green, but a pragmatic Green.

(3)Middle East. McCain will support Israel. I’m not happy about the details of this… (but the other Republicans will keep him in line) McCain supports UN 242 more or less… which isn’t great for Israel… but it is the best option out there. 242 is completely undefendable… it is the original Arab/Jewish line set by the U.N.

(4) economics. McCain will bring the best people in who understand what to do in a recession. when the economy is bad… the best thing to do it cut spending and invite investment. There is no simple answers however. and getting stumped by Ron Paul on 15 second tests is no measure of economic knowledge. Even Greenspan would of been dumbfounded by Paul’s debate tactics.

…and that is all I have for such a vague question from my cousin…. there hasn’t been one terrorist attack since 9/11. I think what we are doing is working. And if your pissed off about Enron and all that stuff… just remember that John McCain ran against Bush and warned our country that we were going in the wrong direction. He might be a patriot and a war hero…, but John speaks out when he knows it is right, and he will cooperate when the opposing party reaches out. There in no sense in talking about diplomacy when the other side has knives out.