@RichardBranson and @VirginMegaME are you INSANE? #Virgin Megastore recommends #MeinKampf to its Arab customers

December 4, 2011
(EOZ) A Twitter user has a photo of a book display at a Virgin Megastore in Qatar: Yes, that is Hitler’s Mein Kampf prominently displayed as a recommendation for Virgin’s Arabic-reading customers! And it is not only in Qatar. This blog post from Bahrain shows that the Virgin store there also recommends Mein Kampf. So this does not look like it was the decision of the local store manager, but of Virgin Megastores for the entire Arab region. What does Richard Branson think? You can tweet him at @richardbranson or you can complain to the Virgin Megastores Middle East at @VirginMegaME.

…and actually I am against censorship, but in that respect you will respect my right to communicate that this PISSES ME OFF! Yes… we all know they can read it on the internet if it isn’t sold in stores, but a corporation shouldn’t make it recommended reading.