Pity the folks in Washington’s 7th District. Sadly their actions effect the rest of the country

April 1, 2011

….Their Congressman,Jim McDermott,is whining that he’s “tired of reading the Constitution”(for a “progressive action score”of …..71.)McDermott is not only one of the Original 54 Hamas Congressmen but unfortunately also one of those left standing after Republicans swept the midterms.  He’s a bona fide J-Street kinda guy and No. 10 on the (Muslim Mafia) list of Congressional recipients of $upport from CAIR.  So no wonder he’s tired of reading the Constitution. He marches to a different agenda.

Sultan Knish’s list of the 54 HAMAS Congressmen or HC
(many of whom were left standing
even after the Republican sweep in the midterms),
as well as this list of politicians supported by CAIR
via bokertov.typepad.com and Thanks to Don Surber
image via zimbio.com and via Jim McDermott