McCain and New York Times

February 23, 2008

the thing that really gets me is he probably blushed at a pretty girl… the staff reminded him to get his shit together… but the point is that he didn’t order out pizza with her… if you get my drift. I could tell that is what happened because when McCain spoke last night… I was reading his wifes eyes…. something DID happen… but it is natural and understandable. It obviously hurt his wife a lot. …but it is not unforgivable and it makes me like the man all the more. Clinton’s affair didn’t happen once. It wasn’t a blush here and blush there… it was a persistent pattern for decades.

don’t repeat this though.

the fact that the NYTimes drudged this up is totally unforgivable and is the final nail in the coffin for that paper. I can’t believe they stepped that low… even for them. We are all living with the desire for lust… but some go out and interact and are the source of it. McCain is a good man.

they had all the ace cards last night on PBS

I couldn’t believe they were bringing up Keating 5 last night… like as if that were a big secret that none of us knew. Despicable… Keating 5 is what made McCain into the great man he is today. He has already admitted his mistake… that was why he became proactive against lobbyists in the first place. Also he has addressed Paxton… he has addressed all those issues in the past. to have been active in politics for three decades with experience and this is all the NYTimes can throw at him? Talk about desperate.

McCain will benefit greatly by being trashed by NYTimes smear. Conservatives despise the N.Y. Times. The Times endorsed him a few months ago which almost killed his chances. Implying that McCain is beholding to lobbyists, when the Dems are owned by every union on the planet…and alluding to him having a sexual relationship with a lobbyist after they bent over backwards to excuse Bill’s freedom to diddle the staff

mmm amazing stat… most male votes for Dem presidents since 1976 is 46 percent? I believe it. I also believe that “Obama” has the qualifications to swoon. One thing I am beginning to understand about elections is that (with the exception of Kerry) the base is everything. If your base is split or unenthusiastic then you have nothing… no doubt I am an enthusiastic McCain person… and you know I have BLUE STATE borderline tendencies… (that tells you I am McCain and will vote McCain or I would of been Reagan Democrat) So how many Noahs are there out there? I’m willing to bet from jumping into my own head that the Noahs out there are very open minded… hence why I might vote for a Democrat. I know for sure though that the religious right will come out and vote for Bush or Huckabee with enthusiasm and without question. I know for sure the women would of come out and voted for Obama and Clinton… It is a fact that more people voted in the Democrat primary then a primary in the last hudred years. In fact votes for Hilary were greater then all the Republican votes put together! Obama has a core. We know that now… His core is fragile though (your right… and it will be hard to measure how fast he looses his George Clooney-ness) As much as I would like to see Joe Lieberman run as Vice President again… because I’m a big fan… a better move for McCain would be to bring in Mike Huckabee and increase a second base. Sure Joe Lieberman would make me happier then a chickmunk… I might start donating limbs for his campaign… but if there is one thing I know about politics in my 33 years… I’m a marginalized minority and I don’t count. And I’m white.

OBAMA RAMMA DING DONG A DANG MY DING A DONG DING DONG OBAMMA RAMMA LING LONG… how long do you think the love affair will last that you took your hero HILLARY and shoved her off a cliff? FICKLE FICKLE FICKLE FICKLE FICKLE… do you think the love affair will last seven and a half months… or maybe Barack is peaking! Always better for the ladies when it is slow and gradual, yet always firm and consistent. Size don’t matter… it is how committed over time a man is.