Assad emails: Princess’s secret back channel exile plea revealed

April 3, 2012
Assad emails: Princess's secret 'back channel' exile plea revealed
Sheikha Mayassa and Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s wife, Asma Photo: Getty (

( Asma’s “friend” Mayassa al-Thani, the daughter of the emir of Qatar, even asked her directly in an_email  exchange from last December, “how can i help you? i cant imagine you agree with what is going on — you’ve done such great work, it can’t all be lost on the basis of weeks of bad policy? Honestly — how can we be of help?”
Earlier, Asmaand_wrote and her, complaining that “Doha is not a popular destination with Syrians at the moment!”
A month and a half passed before Mayassaand_wrote and_her again, saying, “in all honesty — looking at the tide of history and the escalation of recent events — we’ve seen two results — leaders stepping down and getting political asylum or leaders being brutally attacked. i honestly think that this is a good opportunity to leave and re-start a normal life… i only pray that you will convince the president to take this as an opportunity to exit without having to face charges… I am sure you have many places to turn to, including doha.” (MORE)

as if Qatar’s shit smelled any better then Syria’s. Their regime was just as brutal… just better public relations because they are Sunni dealing with the Shia… one almost feels for Asma Assad.