Abbas Praises Hitler-Supporting Mufti, Terrorists in Anniversary Address

January 5, 2013
Fatah supporters wave flags at the 48th anniversary celebration. Photo: Screenshot.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas paid tribute to World War II era Hitler-supporting Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini as well as several known terror leaders responsible for the deaths of Israelis at a rally in Gaza City Friday that marked the 48th anniversary of the political party Fatah.
During the televised speech, made to a crowd of hundreds of thousands, Abbas made mention of, among others,  Abdel Aziz Rantisi, Sheik Ahmed Yassin–both former leaders of Hamas assassinated by Israel for their role in terrorizing the Jewish state-and Marwan Bargouti, who is currently serving time in an Israeli prison for his role in the deaths of five Israelis.
This was Fatah’s first such rally in the territory since a 2007 coup by Hamas ousted the party from power. In his speech Abbas addressed the division, saying that reunification was near. “Soon we will regain our unity,” he said of the two sides, which have drawn closer since the end of the eight-day November conflict, Operation Pillar of Defense, that pitted Israel against Hamas.
“The success of the rally is a success for Fatah, and for Hamas too,” said Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri. “The positive atmosphere is a step on the way to regain national unity.”
Abbas, who is not allowed to enter Gaza, but who was given permission by Hamas to stage the rally and address the crowd, said he would soon return to Gaza and that unification with Hamas would be  “a step on the way to ending the (Israeli) occupation.”
A number of Fatah activists and officials did make the trip to Gaza for the rally, including Jibril Rajoub, who formerly headed the Palestinian security forces in the West Bank, Fatah cofounder Abdul Aziz Shaheen and Fadwa Barghouti, the wife of jailed activist Marwan Barghouti.
In the West Bank Thursday, Abbas signed a presidential decree changing the name of the Palestinian Authority to the “State of Palestine,” following the Palestinians’ upgraded status at the United Nations to a non-member observer state.
According to the decree, reported by the official Palestinian news agency Wafa, all stamps, signs, and official letterhead will be changed to bear the new name.

Ashton and Blair proposed to Israel, the release of Marwan Barghouti and Ahmad Saadat

February 1, 2012

وكالة فلسطين اليوم – أشتون وبلير اقترحا على “إسرائيل” إطلاق سراح البرغوثي و سعدات( Ashton and Blair proposed to Israel, the release of Marwan Barghouti and Ahmad Saadat #Israel — @ChallahHuAkbar February 1, 2012 via

European diplomatic sources revealed to the newspaper “Life” of London, Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the European Union, Catherine Ashton and Special Envoy for the «Quartet» Tony Blair proposed to the “Israel” to «incentives» for the Palestinians to return to negotiations for a period of two months. وذكرت المصادر ان آشتون بحثت الموضوع مع الرئيس محمود عباس في لقائهما الأخير في عمان، كما بحث بلير، الذي يزور القدس حالياً، الأمر مع رئيس الوزراء الصهيوني بنيامين نتانياهو وعدد من المسؤولين في حكومته. The sources said that Ashton discussed the issue with President Mahmoud Abbas at their recent meeting in Amman, also discussed Blair, who is visiting Jerusalem, currently, is with the Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other officials in his government. وتضمنت الاقتراحات اطلاق سراح معتقلين وتحويل مناطق جديدة في الضفة الغربية من الادارة الاسرائيلية الى إدارة السلطة الفلسطينية. Suggestions included the release of detainees and the transfer of new areas in the West Bank from Israeli administration to the Palestinian Authority administration. وتضمنت الاقتراحات «معايير الاسرى» الذين سيطلق سراحهم، منها «الاسرى القادة» مثل عضو اللجنة المركزية لحركة «فتح» مروان البرغوثي والأمين العام لـ»الجبهة الشعبية لتحرير فلسطين» أحمد سعدات. Suggestions included «standards prisoners» who would be released, including the «prisoner leaders», such as a member of the Central Committee of the movement «open» Marwan Barghouthi, the Secretary-General »Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine» Ahmed Saadat. ومنها أيضا إطلاق سراح الاسرى المعتقلين منذ ما قبل «اتفاق اوسلو» وعددهم 123، أو الاسرى الذين تبقى على نهاية فترات حكمهم سبع سنوات فما دون وعددهم 700 أسير. And also of the release of prisoners detained since before the «Oslo» and the number 123, or prisoners who remain at the end of their sentences of seven years or less and the 700 prisoners. وشملت الإقتراحات أيضاً السماح للسلطة الفلسطينية بحفر آبار مياه في المنطقة «ج» الخاضعة للسيطرة الامنية والمدنية الاسرائيلية، والتي تشكل 60 في المئة من مساحة الضفة. Suggestions also included to allow the Palestinian Authority, digging water wells in the region «c» under the control of Israeli security and civil, which constitute 60 percent of the West. وتضمنت كذلك نقل أجزاء من المنطقة «ج» الى السيطرة الفلسطينية، وأجزاء أخرى من المنطقة «ب» الى المنطقة «أ» الخاضعة للسلطة من الناحيتين الامنية والمدنية. And also included the transfer of parts of the region «c» to Palestinian control, and other parts of the region «B» to the region «a» under the authority of both security and civil rights. وتخضع المنطقة «ب» للسيطرة الامنية الاسرائيلية والسيطرة المدنية الفلسطينية وتشكل 17 في المئة من مساحة الضفة. Subject area and «b» Israeli security control and Palestinian civilian control and constitute 17 percent of the West. اما المنطقة «أ» فتشكل 13 في المئة. The region «a» constitute 13 percent. بينما تشكل المنطقة «ج» الغالبية العظمى من أراضي الضفة (حوالى 60 في المئة) While the region is «c» the vast majority of the West (about 60 percent) لكن المصادر ذكرت ان إحتمال موافقة “اسرائيل” على هذه الاقتراحات ما زال ضعيفاً بسبب إقتصارها على المطالبة بتمديد المفاوضات لمدة شهرين. But the sources said that the probability of approval of “Israel” on these proposals is still weak because of the claim limited to the extension of the negotiations for two months. ولفتت الى إن فرصة موافقة “إسرائيل” مرتبطة بفترة المفاوضات، معتبرة أن فترة شهرين إضافيين من المفاوضات لا تشكل حافزاً قوياً لـ “إسرائيل” للموافقة عليها They noted that the opportunity to consent “Israel” related to the period of negotiations, arguing that the period of two months of negotiations does not constitute a strong incentive for “Israel” for approval (

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Sbarro Female Terrorist Among Those Freed for Shalit

October 12, 2011

27 female prisoners included in the Gilad Shalit deal, including the woman who drove the suicide bomber to the Sbarro restaurant in 2001.
By Elad Benari
First Publish: 10/12/2011

Among the terrorists who are to be released as part of the deal to free Gilad Shalit are 27 female terrorists.
One of them is Ahlam Tamimi, the first woman to join Hamas and the person who drove the suicide bomber who carried out the attack at the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem in August of 2001.
16 people were killed in that attack, including five members of the Schijveschuurder family from the community of Neria in Binyamin.
Tamimi has previously declared, “Despite the fact that I’m sentenced to 16 life sentences I know that we will become free from Israeli occupation and then I will also be free from prison.” Also included in the deal to release Shalit is Amna Muna, who in January of 2001 lured 16-year-old Ophir Rachum to Ramallah, where he was shot to death by terrorists.
Rachum met Muna, then 24 years old, on the internet. After gaining his confidence, Muna persuaded Rachum to come to Jerusalem to meet her.
When Rachum arrived at the Jerusalem Central Bus Station, Muna drove him to the outskirts of Ramallah, where they were greeted by her two partners, both terrorists belonging to the Fatah organization. The two tried to get Rachum out of the car and when he refused, one of them shot him to death.
After the murder, Palestinian Authority Arabs took Rachum’s body to Ramallah, where they buried it.
In total, Israel will release 280 terrorists with blood on their hands in exchange for Shalit. These do not include arch-terrorists such as Marwan Barghouti; Abdullah Barghouti, serving 67 life sentences; Hassan Salameh, serving 38 life sentences; and Jamal Abu Al-Hijja, serving nine life sentences, all of whom are imprisoned for planning suicide bombings. Also reportedly not included in the deal is the killer of Israeli minister Rechavam Ze’evi, Ahmed Saadat.
On Tuesday night, the Israeli cabinet voted to approve the deal. 26 ministers supported the deal with only three – Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, Infrastructures Minister Uzi Landau, and Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya’alon – voting against the deal.