Martin Scorsese

February 12, 2007

I didn’t think Martin deserved the award this year… he should of recieved it about five times before. In my opinion the best movie of the year was “Little Miss Sunshine”. Every year the best picture is a decent movie…. with the exception of a few like “The English Patient” or “Dances with Wolves”,… but the runner up is almost always a better movie. Last year “Munich” and “Brokeback Cowboy” were the best films in my opinion… the truth is this shit is all politics. I thought “Crash” was great, (it turned political correction on it’s Ass), but that same politically correct slant does not work when applied to other groups of people besides a white cop I guess. Everybody wants to think the Palestinians are oppressed and Gays are great to keep around because they don’t hit on the ladies