Peres on Scandinavians: Their logic is the same as that of Marie Antoinette

August 7, 2010

Marie Antoinette never made the “give them cakes” statement. But if she had, she would have qualified as a Scandinavian
Historian Benny Morris interviews Israel’s president Shimon Peres in the Tablet, a Jewish cultural magazine. Peres states about Scandinavians:

BM: Right. But why the delegitimization, especially in the West?
SP: Firstly, there is a problem in the Scandinavian countries. They always want to appear like yefei nefesh [the Hebraism roughly translates as “bleeding hearts,” with an undertone of hypocrisy]. And I don’t expect them to understand us. Sweden doesn’t understand why we are at war. For 150 years they have not had a war. There were even Hitler and Stalin, but they kept out of the picture. As did Switzerland. So, they don’t understand why we are “for war,” as if we really like wars. It’s like Marie Antoinette didn’t understand why the people didn’t bake cakes. The same logic.

Now of course Marie Antoinette never made the statement for which she is known, both Peres and readers of this site are fully aware of this. The point Peres is making is that the logic of Scandinavian elites often amounts to the logic of such a statement, if it had been made. And sadly, Peres is entirely right. Living in Scandinavia, especially Norway or Sweden, is often a bewildering, Alice-in-wonderland kind of experience, where the political machinery all to often allows make-believe, pretense and inverted logic to rule the day.

If Peres really were serious he would start supporting Bibi and condemn the Gaza pullout