Palestinian Authority Welcomed Obama With Communist Song

March 23, 2013

(’s arrival in Ramallah began with a really horrible musical rendition of the National Anthem, then it continued with a bad rendition of the terrorist national anthem pledging eternal war against the Jews whose music was composed by a Greek leftist who claimed that Jews run everything.
And then just to make matters worse, as noted by Maria Meylikhova, the Palestinian band launches into Polyushko Pole aka Meadowlands, a song about the Russian Civil War between the Reds and Whites.
The lyrics for Polyushko Pole come from Viktor Gusev’s “A Poem about a Komsomol Soldier”. The Komsomol was the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League. The music for Polyushko Pole was composed by Lev Kniper, an NKVD agent, a predecessor of the KGB.
The lyrics include such lines as “The heroes ride over the field/Hey, the heroes of the Red Army” and “Hey, while on the collective farms/The work is efficiently progressing.”
The music has gone around and been used in a number of other places since then, but it’s still a startling choice to greet the head of the American government.
But then again it might be one of the few things that Obama and Abbas have in common. Abbas was a graduate of the Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow aka the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. And Obama has his own Red background. An old Communist song playing while Obama shakes hands with the leaders of terrorist groups started up with KGB input and guidance is just one of those subtle bonding references.