WMAL Exclusive: Cuba Actress Calls Sean Penn ‘Communist A**hole,’ He Cal…

December 20, 2011

(Patriot Update) Today I went to the airport to pick up my mom and guess who was on the same plane with her? Sean Penn… I almost died when I saw him, I was hesitant to go talk to him because he was on the other side of the carousel, but… God did want for this to happen.

Many suitcases did not arrive, my mom’s and Sean’s were nowhere to be found, so a lot of people went to the AA baggage claim desk along with about 50 more people. My mom was on a wheelchair and she entered first, we were on the right side of the desk, and Sean was on the left, so…. I could not take it anymore so I walked towards him, at first he did not recognize me (I had big glasses on) and smiled, but then he says “Oh, it’s you” and I told him, calmly, that I wanted to talk to him peacefully, but he was angry and told me that I have said a lot of things on the press and TV against him.

I told him that it was the truth, that how can he defend someone like Chavez? He then mentioned things my brother has been accused of (which are not true) and I just said, (and all of this was very loud with everybody listening…) YOU ARE A COMMUNIST! How can you like and defend Chavez and Ahmadinejad!?

He said he has never defended Ahmadinejad, and then he called me a PIG, and I answered and you are a Communist ass*%&$! You come from a communist background, your father was one and you were raised like a communist. He tells me that I have no idea who his father was or their background, I said, “Oh yes I do” (his father was blacklisted in Hollywood years ago and could not work because his political stance), I continue, and I stated to him, “how comfortable it is living the way you do being a communist…”

He responds, “you are harassing me.” I replied: “No, you are the one who called me a PIG, I just said you are a communist ass$%&*…. anyway, I walked away from him, towards my mom and from the other side of the counter, he yells something at me, which I don’t remember ’cause I was soooo angry!

And I shouted back to him, very loud, “AND YOU ARE A COMMUNIST ASS$%&*!… That was the end of it, he passed by me to leave and did not look at me or say another word. Maybe ’cause of my mom. So, what do you all think? I want everybody to know about this incident! Too bad my boyfriend was not with me and it was not filmed… well, now I feel great! And who knows? More to come…