here is an example where the information I got was wrong: Foreign mercenaries landing in Tripoli

February 26, 2011

Israel Radio has just reported (7:00 pm Monday) that foreign mercenaries hired by Muammar Gadhafi from other Arab countries are landing in Tripoli at this hour. The source for the report is al-Arabiya.
Israel Radio also is citing reports from the BBC – supposedly sourced from British Foreign Secretary William Hague – that Gadhafi is on his way to Venezuela. The Venezuelans are denying it.
Other reports cited by Israel Radio say that Gadhafi is still in Libya but he is not in Tripoli.
Oh and those two air force jets I reported on an hour ago that escaped to Malta….. They weren’t trying to escape Gadhafi. It seems that the opposition took over their base in Benghazi and that’s why they escaped. That too from Israel Radio based on an al-Jazeera report. The four-man crews have surrendered to Maltese forces. The pilots claimed they were out of fuel. There were apparently also some helicopters.

sorry about that. this turned out to be bullshit.
still trying to keep my journalistic credentials together… despite all the drama.
I owe up when shit is B.S.
how many other bloggers… say… whoops?