US consulate rescinds invitation to anti-semitic PalArab cartoonist

June 19, 2011

A Palestinian Arab political cartoonist, Majed Badra, had been invited by the US Consulate to go to the US and participate in an international political cartoonist convention.
At the last minute, the US Consulate rescinded the invitation, when they became aware that some of his cartoons were, pretty explicitly, anti-semitic.
Badra objects to this, saying that he has nothing against Judaism and that his cartoons are only against Israel, not Jews. He is complaining that he had already cleared his schedule to go to the US.
Interestingly, in the past two weeks, he pulled all content from his website.  Perhaps he is not as convinced that his work can stand up to scrutiny as being purely political.
Luckily, some of his cartoons can still be found elsewhere on the web.

As an artist I can’t say this is good Anti-Semitic work. I’m disappointed really. There has been incredibly well done vile hate in the past. The technique is forced and the primitive child like style is pretentious. I don’t even think Hitler would appreciate this stuff.