Worldwide ‘Caravan’ Set to ‘Liberate Jerusalem’ for Assholes

November 4, 2011
March on Majdal Shams, May 15March on Majdal Shams, May 15 (israel National News h/t Sarah Leah Lawent) Israeli security officials are keeping a wary eye out on several groups that are planning mass marches on Jerusalem. One march is scheduled for November 25, and is being organized by the group that tried to conduct a mass march to Jerusalem last September.
This time, however, organizers – and Israeli security officials – believe that the group may attract larger numbers. The group is set out from three locations – Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon – on November 25, with the objective of reaching Jerusalem on November 29, the anniversary of the adoption of the UN partition plan for Mandatory Palestine. Officials said that the group was encouraged by the recent attempt – and temporary success – of Syrian Druze who “invaded” the Golan Heights for several hours, tearing down a border fence to enter the country. Several sources claimed that some of the Syrian Druze were able to enter the interior of Israel, with several claiming to have reached Tel Aviv.
But even more worrisome is another march is scheduled for March 2012, Israeli officials said. That march is being organized by Indian activist Feroze Mithiborwala, who said in a recent press conference in Pakistan that the march will unite people from all over the world, and of all faiths – including Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Sikhs and Jews – “to participate in the march towards the Jerusalem and liberate it from the Zionists.” The march would be in the form of a “caravan” which would start from three directions – Asia, Europe, and Africa, originating in India, Turkey and Morocco respectively. The caravans would stop in all the countries on the way and pick up more participants. The objective is to gather hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people at the borders of Israel who would simply push their way through, reaching Jerusalem and “liberating” it.
A group helping to organize the March event, the International Committee of the Global March towards Al-Quds, said in a statement this week that “since the Zionist occupation of 78% of Palestine in 1948, and the subsequent occupation of Jerusalem and the rest of Palestine in 1967, we have witnessed growing efforts to Judaize Jerusalem and colonize Palestine. These crimes against humanity are done under the political protection and full support of successive American administrations and enforced by its veto at the United Nations.
“Jerusalem and all of Palestine need to be liberated, redeemed and restored as a land of freedom and coexistence by people of the world from all religious and cultural backgrounds. As part of this movement and at the invitation of Palestinians, we decided to organize a Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) aimed at raising awareness of the mortal threat to Jerusalem and all of Palestine by the hands of Zionists and helping us move closer to the day of freedom.”
Mithiborwala is the head of Indian radical political group Awami Bharat, which bills itself as conducting “an international struggle against imperialism, Zionism, and Brahmanism.”

If it were shear numbers that were the issue then Israel would of fallen a long time ago. I suppose it might be a public relations nightmare to shoot a million people, but Israel has little to lose in that forum. Sounds less like a peace march and more like Night of the Living dead.


Syria Bused People to Israel’s Border to Distract World

June 15, 2011

I have just been forward what appear to be Syrian state documents leaked by the governor of al-Qunaitera, in south-west Syria, which suggest that the regime fully orchestrated the “Nakba Day” raids of Palestinian refugees into the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights on May 15.

The document (below) which bears the Syrian Republic emblem, is dated May 14, 2011 and describes an “urgent meeting” of Major General Asef Shawkat, the Deputy Chief of Staff for the Armed Forces, and the chiefs of security and military intelligence branches in the province in Al-Qunaitera, which is located at the Syrian-Israeli border. The memorandum outlines how the regime ordered the dispatching of 20 buses, each one with a passenger capacity of 47, to cross the border into Majdal-Shamms in the Golan Heights in order to precipitate a confrontation between Palestinian refugees and Israeli soldiers and UN peacekeeping forces, thereby distracting international attention from the Syrian revolution.
I quote the entire document, attributed to the “Office of the Mayor” in Al-Qunaitera province:

After an urgent meeting convened by the security committee on Saturday in the presence of the Mayor of al-Qunaitera, Major General Asef Shawkat -Deputy Chief of Staff for the Armed Forces-, and chiefs of security and military (intelligence) branches in the province, the following was decided:
All security, military, and contingent units in the province, Ain-el-Tina and the old al-Qunaitera are hereby ordered to grant permission of passage to all twenty vehicles (47 passenger capacity) with the attached plate numbers that are scheduled to arrive at ten in the morning on Sunday May 15, 2011 without being questioned or stopped until it reaches or frontier defense locations.
Permission is hereby granted allowing approaching crowds to cross the cease fire line (with Israel) towards the occupied Majdal-Shamms, and to further allow them to engage physically with each other in front of United Nations agents and offices. Furthermore, there is no objection if a few shots are fired in the air.
Captain Samer Shahin from the military intelligence division is hereby appointed to the leadership of the group assigned to break-in and infiltrate deep into the occupied Syrian Golan Heights with a specified pathway to avoid land mines.
It is essential to ensure that no one carries military identification or a weapon as they enter with a strict emphasis on the peaceful and spontaneous nature of the protest.
The provincial security committee meeting is considered in constant deliberation in coordination with the Center.
May you be the source of prosperity for the nation and the party
Dr. Khalil Mash-hadiya
Mayor of Al-Qunaitera

…This document – which I have good reason to believe is absolutely genuine – appears to represent the first piece of regime-created evidence that Assad has cynically tried to manipulate Western and Arabic media during three-month Syrian uprising.

by Michael Weiss and H/T ElderofZiyon
image via ainokami

Nakba Historiography for EAST PRUSSIA

May 28, 2011
…”House of the Soviets“, built on the site of the former … Königsberg Castle
Königsberg Castle, 1895…
Monument of Grand Master Albert, … the first Duke of Prussia; Malbork,… Poland

..most of the German inhabitants, which then consisted principally of women, children, and old men, did manage to escape the Red Army as part of the largest exodus of people in human history. “A population which had stood at 2.2 million in 1940 was reduced to 193,000 at the end of May 1945.….. …

The “Nakba” Debunked By Steven Plaut:

More generally, I think that any time anyone suggests that we need to… empathize with the “Nakba” of the “Palestinians” – they should be… directed to contemplating East Prussia…. East Prussia, where in many ways World War II began (in Hitler’s… campaign for Danzig), was emptied out near the end of the war, with… hundreds of thousands of Germans fleeing the approaching Red Army and… the impending battles, and with hundreds of thousands more evicted… after the Soviets pushed through East Prussia into Berlin. In all,… 1.8 to 2.2 million East Prussians were driven out or fled. That is 4… times the number of “Palestinian refugees” from 1948-49. Parts of… East Prussia were annexed by Russia, the rest being incorporated into… Poland. …

Egypt permanently opens Gaza border crossing

Palestina Libre #4

And what about mourning for their “catastrophe?” No one, not even… the worst bleeding heart in the West, has ever believed East Prussians…

The fortress Ordensburg Marienburg, founded in 1274,… the world’s largest brick castle … and the Teutonic Order‘s headquarters on the River Nogat.

deserve any sympathy or support or compensation for their “plight.”… They were part of the German monstrosity that had launched the war and… they became refugees as a direct result of the crimes and aggressions… of the German people, crimes they most enthusiastically endorsed and… in which they participated. Exactly like the circumstances under… which “Palestinian Arabs” became refugees as a result of launching a… genocidal war of aggression and then losing…. Think the “Palestinians” deserve compassion? Sure, right after the… East Prussians are granted a “Right of Return.”via

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Nearly 200 Druze living in the Golan Heights protested in Majdal Shams against Syrian President Bashar Assad and his regime

April 16, 2011

Demonstrators carried signs supporting Syrian factions who object to Assad and lit candles in memory of protesters killed in the rallies. (Hagai Einav) via

Flag of Jabal el Druze (state).
The Druze

(Arabic: درزي, derzī or durzī, plural دروز, durūz; Hebrew: דרוזים‎, Druzim; also transliterated Druz or Druse) are a religious community found primarily in Lebanon, Israel, and Syria whose traditional religion is said to have begun as an offshoot of the Ismaili sect of Islam, but is unique in its incorporation of Gnostic, neo-Platonic and other philosophies. Theologically Druze consider themselves “an Islamic Unist, reformatory sect”,[8]. The Druze call themselves Ahl al-Tawhid (“People of Monotheism”) or al-Muwahhidūn (“Monotheists“).
Druze are not considered Muslims by most other Muslims because they are believed to address prayers to the Fatimid caliph Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah, whom they regard as “a manifestation of God in His unity.” [9] Druze believe Al-Hakim did not die but went into occulation (was hidden by God) and will return as the Mahdi on Judgement Day.[10] The origin of the name Druze is traced to Nashtakin ad-Darazi, one of the first preachers of the religion. via image Flag of Jabal el Druze (state)

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