Intel found on slain Hamas official led to Sudan strike

October 29, 2012

(IMAGES OF SITE) U.K.’s Sunday Times cites military intelligence reports that Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, assassinated in Dubai, was in possession of an agreement between Iran and Sudan from 2008 that permitted Iran to manufacture weapons in Sudanese territory.(doc)Yoav Limor and Israel Hayom – The Sunday Times reported that eight Israeli warplanes participated in the attack on the Yarmouk military complex near the Sudanese capital Khartoum. According to the report, planning for the operation began as a result of documents found on the body of Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, whose assassination in Dubai in 2010 prompted worldwide speculation that it was a Mossad operation. The U.K. paper cited military intelligence reports stating that Mabhouh was in charge of procuring weapons for terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip, and was in possession of a copy of an agreement between Iran and Sudan from 2008 that permitted Iran to manufacture weapons in Sudanese territory. The report claims that Israeli intelligence managed to successfully prove that Iranian engineers had begun working in Yarmouk under the watch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and were developing Iran’s long-range Shihab missiles as well as other arms. The plant served as a starting point for weapons convoys to the Gaza Strip. Yarmouk is located in a densely populated residential area of the city some 11 kilometers (seven miles) southwest of the Khartoum International Airport. Wednesday’s explosion sent exploding ammunition flying into homes in the neighborhood adjacent to the factory, causing panic among residents. Sudanese officials said some people suffered from smoke inhalation. A man who lives near the factory said that from inside their house, he and his brother heard a loud roar of what they believed was a plane just before the boom of the explosion sounded from the factory. Meanwhile, Sudan’s ambassador to the United Nations issued a complaint to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, claiming that the nature of strike, and the advanced radar-jamming technology used proves it was an Israeli operation.

Israel has faced numerous attempts to smuggle weapons to the Gaza Strip. In March 2011, the Israeli Navy intercepted the ship, Victoria, which carried a large cache of weapons including the advanced C-704 anti-ship missile, which — had it landed in the hands of terrorists — would have threatened navy operations as well as the nearby natural gas drilling rigs.

Mossad agent Bar Refaeli seduces Hamas man in cinematic depiction of Dubai operation

May 7, 2012
( brazen 2010 assassination of a Hamas operative in Dubai, in which Israel’s Mossad was accused, unfurled like a spy movie thriller — and in fact much of it was caught on camera. Now an Israeli movie plays it as a spy caper, complete with a sly seductress played by Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli. The movie “Kidon”, or Spear, gives the plot a twist by having a small-time gang of criminals murder Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in an attempt to frame Israel’s Mossad spy agency. Dubai police accused the Mossad of carrying out the actual hit in a five-star hotel, and released surveillance camera footage of the assassination team tracking al-Mabhouh. A number of countries also cast suspicion on Israel, angrily accusing its intelligence agency of forging passports under their citizens’ names for the killers to use. Israel and the Mossad, as is their policy, never confirmed or denied involvement.

Sounds interesting, but everytime Hollywood gets a story that appears Pro Israel it gets the liberal writers trying to make the Arabs reasonable to make the drama interesting. It appears like it is because they are supposedly interested in the craft of story writing, but often film gives the Palestine narrative legs by merely presenting a so called believable bad guy who is sympathetic. The Spielberg film Schindler’s List presented an actor that now claims to be a Muslim in a sympathetic light. The Jews always need to be saved from themselves in Hollywood. Later in Munich the terrorists are depicted as sympathetic and poor. The reality is most of these Muslim terrorists (especially their leaders are anything but poor) The Nazis were poor… I never saw Spielberg depict a Nazi as poor.  Why did he do it with the Arabs?

Nazis think they have a right to put a Jew on trial for defending his family from Hamas

June 14, 2010

The man being held by the Poles — his name, according to the Associated Press, is Uri Brodsky — is wanted in connection with the alleged murder of a leader of the military wing of Hamas, a terrorist organization backed by the same Iranian regime that backed the organization for which Hamadi worked. Why would the Germans want to help prosecute that case? Do the Germans regret the assassination that is alleged to have taken place against the leader of Hamas?

Eastern Europe was the playground for such radical Palestinian terrorists during the cold war and they are not changing. Of course the will not hand over the so called accused over to the West. They like their Jews cooked well done in Poland and Germany.

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Israeli arrested in Poland, charged with obtaining forged German passport

An Israeli was arrested in Warsaw, Poland over the weekend and charged with obtaining a forged German passport that was allegedly used in the liquidation of Hamas terrorist Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in January. The German government has asked that the Israeli be extradited to Germany, Mabhouh’s family has asked that he be extradited to Dubai (Dubai says it’s not interested), and Israel has asked that he be returned to Israel.

The man, using the name Uri Brodsky, is suspected of working for Mossad in Germany and helping to issue a fake German passport to a member of the Mossad operation that allegedly killed Hamas agent Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai in January, a spokesman for the German federal prosecutor’s office told The Associated Press.
Brodsky was arrested in early June upon his arrival in Poland because of a European arrest warrant issued by Germany which is now seeking his extradition, the spokesman said, declining to be named in line with department policy.
The spokesman had no estimate of how long it could take for Brodsky to be extradited from Poland to Germany, saying the matter is now in the hands of the Polish authorities. “If Brodsky agrees, the extradition could take a few days, but that isn’t likely,” the spokesman said.
In Warsaw, Monika Lewandowska, a spokeswoman for Polish prosecutors, confirmed that the suspect, identified only as Uri B., was arrested at the city’s international airport on June 4. She told the AP that the arrest warrant was made in connection with the murder of a Hamas member in Dubai.
“The suspect appeared before a Polish court on June 6, and was ordered to remain in temporary arrest for up to 40 days,” she said. Lewandowska had no information on his possible extradition.
In Israel, the Foreign Ministry said without elaborating that it was aware of the man’s fate. “At the moment, we’re looking into that like any other Israeli who has been arrested, and he’s getting consular treatment,” spokesman Andy David said.

The German news weekly Der Spiegel reported that the arrest in Poland already has led to some diplomatic friction. The Israeli Embassy has urged Polish authorities not to extradite Brodsky, the magazine reports in its issue to be published Monday.
Germany’s Foreign Ministry had no comment on the case and referred to an ongoing judicial investigation by the federal prosecutor’s office. The country’s top investigating unit deals with all cases affecting internal or external security, including terrorism or espionage.

Haaretz reports that the word of ‘Brodsky’s arrest was leaked by the German government to prevent Israel and Poland from making a deal for his release.

A German weekly’s report on the arrest of an alleged Israeli Mossad agent in Poland thwarted an emerging deal for his release, Polish sources told Haaretz. As a result, both Israel and Poland suspect the story was leaked to Der Spiegel by German officials.

‘Brodsky’ is apparently connected to the issuance of a German passport in the name of a Bnei Brak rabbi.

Many questions remain unanswered in the affair. It is still not known, for instance, whether Uri Brodsky is the detainee’s real name, or what role he allegedly played in Germany: Was he the Mossad’s permanent representative in Germany, or did he come to Germany especially to secure the false passport, issued in the name of a real Israeli citizen, Michael Bodenheimer – a Bnei Brak rabbi who is entitled to a German passport because his grandparents were German?
A spokesman for Germany’s federal prosecution told reporters that the offenses of which Brodsky is suspected – obtaining a document by fraud and membership in a foreign intelligence agency – carry a maximum sentence of five years.
Brodsky is not suspected of involvement in the actual hit on Mabhouh, and is not on the list of 36 suspects in that case that Dubai has given to Interpol.
Dubai’s police chief, Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, announced in an interview with The National newspaper yesterday that his country has no intention of requesting Brodsky’s extradition to Dubai – even though Mabhouh’s family has asked Dubai to do so.
In contrast, another paper, Gulf News, reported yesterday that Dubai is still considering requesting Brodsky’s extradition. But even if Dubai made such a request, it seems unlikely that either Germany or Poland would comply.

And we may have a Mossad foul-up here as well.

One complication in Israel’s efforts to secure Brodsky’s release is that Germany apparently issued a European arrest warrant for him rather than an Interpol “red alert.”
Nick Kaufman, an attorney who specializes in international law, explained to Haaretz that a red alert merely means a suspect is wanted for questioning, and is considered nonbinding. Therefore, states can exercise some discretion over whether to comply, and the suspect can also fight the extradition in court.
However, Kaufman continued, a European arrest warrant must be honored by other European Union members, and is not even subject to judicial review in the arresting country.
Brodsky himself told the Polish authorities that he is a businessman and completely innocent of the suspicions against him.
If he is a Mossad agent, as claimed in the foreign press, the question must be asked of why the spy agency allowed him to travel to an EU member state, regardless of whether he was on personal or Mossad business?
Did the Mossad not know about the German warrant? Did it not care? Or did it simply have no choice, given its relatively small cadre of experienced agents, but to reuse some of those involved in killing Mabhouh?


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Dubai police chief: We could infiltrate the Mossad

March 4, 2010

Dubai pushes false information through their channels and then blames the media for reporting it. They claim if they had known the victim was a Hamas leader they would of never allowed him in, previously the accusations against Mossad were immediate because they claimed they knew Mabhouh’s identity.

The autopsy, Khalfan explained, revealed the Mabhouh was strangled after being injected with a drug that causes paralysis.

“Israeli media said he was subjected to electric shocks and this is not true.”

Actually, it was Mabhouh’s brother that made that claim.

A barb like Jr. Highschool children:

Khalfan stressed that the Dubai Police possesses an “astounding” data base and that they have the ability to infiltrate of the office of the Mossad director, if necessary”

If they have such a world class agency then how is it that they didn’t know the man who had died was with Hamas?

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With evidence lacking against Israel now the BBC points the finger at all Jews around the world

February 23, 2010

The common language of these terrorists and their enablers are that they hate Zionists and not Jews, but now it is very obvious that isn’t just Israel that they hate when they start accusing diaspora Jewery.

A terrorist is assassinated and the defrauding business of Dubai attempts to libel Jews. How would publishing the photos and information in the case help find the suspects? Dubai isn’t interested in resolving the case at all and is merely waging a public relations war. As for the death of a re-known terrorist I hope Israel did kill him, but is it not premature to hand out the blame? Even if the blame does not stick… now these forces are looking to indict Jews around the world.
As self-righteous uproar against Israel rises in Britain over Mossad’s supposed use of stolen British passport identities for the hit-squad which assassinated senior Hamas operative Mahmoud Mabhouh, one or two solitary voices have been trying to introduce a little realism into this latest excuse for frighteningly unhinged Israel-bashing (see the newspaper comment threads, from the moment Dubai published the passport details, for the eruption of a hatred that seizes any and every opportunity to give vent to this bigotry). Tom Gross (who has circulated the picture above of one of Mabhouh’s victims, a child murdered by a Hamas missile in Sderot) has written an excellent resumé of the madness (this article being a notable exception), pointing out that much of the British media in particular has jumped to the conclusion that this was indeed a Mossad operation even though there is a possibility that Israel may have been set up.

Some of this coverage surely amounts to incitement to racial hatred. Douglas Murray draws attention here to the astonishing suggestion broadcast on BBC Radio Four’s PM programme that

up to one million Jews worldwide might be on hand to assist Mossad in executions

a claim which turns every Jew in the diaspora into a potential suspected killer and thus a target for hatred and violence. In my view this claim should be brought to the attention of the Director of Public Prosecutions.
If the Dubai hit was a Mossad operation, it would appear at first blush to have been remarkably incompetent; since the Mossad would obviously have realised that their every move was being recorded on Dubai’s omnipresent security cameras, to have laid a trail to lead straight back to Israel like this appears bafflingly sloppy. And to use the identities of people now living as immigrants in Israel is perplexing.
On the other hand, the Jerusalem Post reports that Israel had very good reason for wanting Mabhouh dead, so much so that it may have factored in the all-too likely repercussions:

A diplomatic fallout with London, caused by the use of forged UK passports, seems a very real possibility if UK authorities officially blame Israeli intelligence for the Dubai slaying. But such a development would surely have been factored into any decision to take Mabhouh out. The diplomatic friction now building up would have been deemed bearable before any go-ahead was given for the killing….According to reports, Mabhouh oversaw the smuggling of Iranian long-range rockets into Gaza, enabling Hamas to threaten the densely populated Gush Dan region, home to more than three million Israelis and the scene of the country’s financial hub.

Only in Britain could the eradication of someone who was planning to murder untold numbers of innocents (Tom Gross reports he was apparently en route to procure Iranian missiles capable of hitting Tel Aviv from Gaza) be deemed worthy of censure by western hypocrites. If, apart from eradicating a terrorist before he could further assist mass murder, the operation was intended to give a message to bad guys everywhere that they will be successfully hunted down, it was a striking success for whoever carried it out – so much so that if Israel was not behind this, it would undoubtedly want its enemies to think that it was. As for the British and Irish passport-holders whose identities were purloined for the hit:

… the olim [immigrants] who found their names on the Dubai police’s wanted list will not encounter great difficulties in clearing their names, since most of the details in the forged documents were changed from the originals. The assassins apparently went to great lengths to ensure that the olim could distance themselves from the incident, changing passport numbers, inserting bogus middle names and altering dates of birth.
… The Gulf state, keen to preserve its name as a neutral financial haven, free from the violent woes that afflict other parts of the Middle East, has gone out of its way to try and embarrass the assassins and those who sent them. Such efforts, presumably, would have been foreseen by the mission’s planners as a possible outcome, and deemed acceptable.

Certainly, Dubai seems to have gone to great lengths to incriminate Israel. Why, after all, did it publish the passport details like this? If it wanted to catch the real agents, this was hardly going to advance this aim for which it obviously needed merely to go through the usual channels of inter-state police and intelligence agencies. Dubai is now going out of its way to point the finger at Israel, with its police chief Dahi Khalfan Tamim calling upon Interpol to issue a ‘Red Notice’ to arrest the head of Mossad.
There are many unanswered questions arising from Dubai’s claims. It is possible that Israel was responsible alone for this operation; it is possible that it was not involved and it is being set up; it is possible that Mossad was one of a number of state actors which are now setting up Israel alone to take the rap. Who knows?
Only the British media, it seems, for whom Israel is always guilty of bad deeds.

Sickening that people around the world aren’t shouting foul at the BBC who is showing their true NAZI colors. No Godwin’s so called law need apply. Hunting for accusations against global Jewery is no longer merely an accusation against Israel.

BBC, the British Broadcasting Corporation, is one of the world’s largest media institutions, disseminating news via television, radio and the Web. The BBC provides information in English, as well as 42 other languages, and has a global network of correspondents.
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