The True Obstacle To Peace Between Israelis And Palestinians

March 31, 2013

Al-Zahar understands the problem in the most fundamental way, that the “right of return” – and until then, “refugee” status guaranteed and funded by the international community – are the cornerstones of Palestinian national identity.


Hamas Rejects BBC Claims, Vows to Give Crushing Response to Israeli Aggression against Iran.

March 8, 2012

Obama’s ‘peacepartners’ financed by the U.S. taxpayers, why wouldn’t they laugh?
Hamas Rejects BBC Claims, Vows to Give Crushing Response to Israeli Aggression against Iran. (OTHER)(Fars).Tehran – Mahmoud al-Zahar, a senior official of the Palestinian Hamas movement, strongly rejected a recent BBC report which quoted him as saying that Hamas would take no action in case of an Israeli invasion of Iran, and warned that any Israel or US attack on Iran will be reciprocated by Hamas’s crushing response to the Zionists.
BBC Persian’s website alleged in a report on Wednesday that the No. 2 Hamas official in the Gaza Strip has assured that his movement would not take any action in the face of an Israeli attack on Iran.
Al-Zahar strongly rejected the BBC claim as unfounded and a lie. “Retaliation with utmost power is the position of Hamas with regard to a Zionist war on Iran,” Zahar told FNA on Wednesday afternoon.
Zahar rejected the possibility of any Israeli aggression against Iran, but meantime, reiterated that Hamas will give a crushing response to not only the Zionists but also to “whoever helping them” in such an attack.
Israel and its close ally the United States have recently intensified their war rhetoric against Iran. The two arch foes of the Islamic Republic accuse Iran of seeking a nuclear weapon, while they have never presented any corroborative document to substantiate their allegations. Both Washington and Tel Aviv possess advanced weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear warheads.
Iran vehemently denies the charges, insisting that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only. Tehran stresses that the country has always pursued a civilian path to provide power to the growing number of Iranian population, whose fossil fuel would eventually run dry.
Iran has, in return, warned that it would target Israel and its worldwide interests in case it comes under attack by the Tel Aviv. Following the US and Israeli war rhetoric against Tehran, the Iranian Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, said Tehran has an array of options for confronting the US pressures and sanctions.
Addressing millions of Friday Prayers worshippers on Tehran University Campus in February, Ayatollah Khamenei pointed to the US threats that ‘all options are on the table’, and underlined that the threat of war is harmful to the US interests and war can be ten times more harmful to that country.
The US threats are sign of its failure in the face of Islamic Republic’s discourse and indicates that they cannot create a logical response to Iran’s reasoning,” the Leader stated at the time.
That’s why it (the US) resorts to force; they do not have any logic except using force and have no way but bloodshed to go forward.”
Ayatollah Khamenei further underlined that US and others must know and they know that Iran has threats too in face of oil sanctions and “we impose them whenever it is necessary”.Read the full story here.

Israel approves Fatah-Hamas government

May 15, 2011

Israeli government agreed to release tax transfers to Palestinians despite Hamas-Fatah unity pact. The Israeli traitors received nominal assurances that the money won’t reach Hamas. Of course, tax transfers finance the Hamas empire in Gaza for the last five years by paying salaries of Hamas’ employees. via

Which one of you fellows is the Gate Keeper…
I am the Key Master… like this guy below

There_are_many_severe_and_game-changing security/diplomatic implications for Israel of a Hamas-Fatah unity accord. Prepare for war.  The terms of such an accord would undoubtedly include Egyptian agreement to open its border with Gaza, which has been one of Hamas’ key demands. This has wild implications for the import of Iranian weapons into Gaza, and would put the next Israel-Hamas clash on the fast-track.  via Implications of a Hamas-Fatah Unity Accord by David M. Weinberg and A Citadel Defending Zion via

“The two sides signed initial letters on an agreement. All points of differences have been overcome,” said Taher Al-Nono, the Hamas government spokesman in Gaza. He added that Cairo would shortly invite both sides to a signing ceremony.

Here are some more details
on the deal that they have reached
(Hat Tip: Memeorandum).

“We have agreed to form a government composed of independent figures that would start preparing for presidential and parliamentary elections,” said Azzam al-Ahmad, the head of Fatah’s negotiating team in Cairo.

“Elections would be held in about eight months from now,” he added.

Mahmoud al-Zahar, a senior Hamas leader who participated in the talks, said Wednesday’s deal covered five points, including combining security forces and forming a government made up of “nationalist figures”.
He said Hamas and Fatah would free respective prisoners.
Implementation of the accord is due to start following an official signing ceremony in Cairo, expected in early May.
Any interim government is unlikely to include Hamas officials in an effort to avoid the sort of international boycott that hit the Palestinians after the 2006 election.

is the photo at the top real? yowsa! 

The mass media portrays unity as a positive step, not when it’s between two terrorist groups. – @IFindTerror

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Why Are Hamas And Fatah Having A Trial Separation?

May 14, 2011
…”Congratulations–and I never want to see you again!”…


in an interview with Ma’an….Hamas has told Abbas not to bother coming to Gaza–because he may get stoned (by Gazans).
According to Al Ahram’s version of the interview, however, Hamas has told their good friends in Fatah that none of them should come into Gaza:

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will not be able to visit the Gaza Strip soon, as the security situation is still fragile, Hamas foreign policy chief Mahmoud Al-Zahar said on Wednesday.
Zahar added in an interview with Maan Palestinian News Agency that the Palestinian faction has succeeded in reaching political reconciliation; however there is no progress on the social reconciliation between the big families in Gaza and the West Bank.
“We will have to work on reconciliation sessions between the well-known families in the West Bank and Gaza that would make the security more stable than now” Zahar said.[emphasis added]

I’d hate to be the social worker in charge of that case.
But according to Zahar, it’s not just Abbas who should stay home:

Zahar also added that Hamas would not allow the return of the security officers who used to run Gaza security agency offices before the division in 2007. Hamas also does not agree to re-open Fatah offices in the strip at the current stage and will delegate this task to the Egyptian/Arab committee that will supervise the implementation of the reconciliation deal.

Gee, and they seemed so happy at the signing. via


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al-Zahar says terrorism unrelated to negotiations

September 2, 2010

Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar, trying to publicly distance the Hamas Gaza leadership and the al-Qassam Brigades, bizarrely claimed that the two terror attacks this week in the West Bank were not related to the resumption of negotiations in Washington this week.
This despite the fact that the al Qassam Brigades made that exact link.
Zahar said that Hamas has no interest in stopping the negotiations, although it is skeptical about the results and will not accept any compromise with Israel.
He stopped short of saying that the attacks were a coincidence; just that the Al Qassam Brigades happened to take the opportunity to kill Jews when it presented itself. He also claimed that it was a reflection of the “pressure” that Palestinian Arabs suffer in the West Bank, as if things have not been improving steadily there for the past few years.
The article seems to imply that Zahar is trying to forestall any Israeli retaliation in Gaza itself. Or maybe he’s just trying to make sure that he is not personally targeted by a drone missile.
Arab leaders have proven time and time again their ability to lie effortlessly. The question is, why does the media still take anything they say at face value?

we have an Arafat among Hamas apparently

noahdavidsimon’s posterous

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