Mads Gilbert deviates from Hamas script

September 19, 2012

( really has it right? The Norwegian doctor and Palestinian activist Mads Gilbert or Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar? No later than four days ago Mads Gilbert reiterated his familiar mantra.
The situation in Gaza is “worse than ever,” the doctor told the newspaper Class Struggle 15 september. september. For years, Norwegian journalists willingly held out the microphone while Gilbert has repeated this claim over and over again.
It never seems to get some critical questions from reporters when Gilbert crying “wolf, wolf” again and again. During the summer Gilbert claimed that “the Gaza” was “ruined”, during the War of 2009 , and now, over three and a half years later, he still to be found that the situation is “worse than ever”. The truth about the situation, both in 2009 and in 2012, you probably have a use for correction towards truth.
This time we get help from an unexpected source. Mahmoud Zahar, one of the foremost leaders of Hamas, who occupy the Gaza Strip, conveys a very different picture than Gilbert of the situation in Gaza.
September, the same day that Gilbert spoke to the class struggle, that “Gaza is free of occupation.” Guests from around the world flock to the coastal area and the economic situation has improved significantly.
Using rural areas which until 2005 was controlled by Israeli settlements, the Gaza Strip has become self sufficient in a number of areas.
“We are self-sufficient in many fields, except fuel and electricity,” said Zahar. The economic situation in Gaza is much better than in the West Bank, according to Zahar.
Palestinian authorities also transfers money to the Gaza Strip, but the money goes only to Fatah supporters, emphasizes Zahar.n.
In Ma’an headline Zahar is even quoted as saying that the Gaza Strip is “more secure” than the West Bank.
It will not be elaborated in the article what he meant by this. Gilbert uses big words to drag Israel into the mud. Zahar using big words to take rivals in Fatah and the Palestinian Authority into the mud.
Yet it is clear who is best substantiated allegation, and it should be obvious who has the best local knowledge.
Zahar image is also constantly confirmed by a number of independent messages.
The World Bank reported that “exceptionally high” economic growth in the Gaza Strip in 2011. Israel withdrew completely from the Gaza Strip in 2005.
With a peaceful development, to the withdrawal from Gaza has become a starting point for further withdrawals in the West Bank.
Men utviklingen ble langt fra fredelig.
But the development was far from peaceful.
The militant groups in the Gaza Strip, with Hamas at the helm, intensified rocket attacks against Israel and any plans for more withdrawals were shelved.
Finally, in December 2008 and January 2009, Israel said stop.
After the Israeli military operation against terrorist groups that attack with rockets, the number of attacks from Gaza significantly reduced.
The fact that Hamas now finds that the occupation of Gaza is closed – seven years after it happened – could be a promising sign.

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Expect a raucous debate in Tromsø Norway

June 4, 2011

It’s a wonderful thing: The United Nations Association in Tromsø is hosting International Week, where participants “among other things … will learn how to make a wallet out of a milk carton, learn Esperanto or origami, and go bird-watching.”Of course, the whole Israel thing will get attention, too, so there will be a debate with the following participants:

Line Khateeb, the head of the Palestine Committee in Norway, which is to say the far left wing of the anti-Israeli crowd.

  • Mads Gilbert, local to Tromsø, who has made Israel famous for co-inventing the horrors of war, along with the other great evil, the United States. (The same dude who thought New Yorkers had it coming on 9/11 for being Americans)
    Gunnar Nerdrum, who wants to arrest Israeli officials and prosecute them for protecting Israeli citizens

    …and Bent Andresen (not the famous Danish Quaker, who died a while ago), who apparently is an attorney with nothing published on the matter, but who will still give an introduction on international law and Israel/Palestine. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that he will focus primarily on Israel’s culpability and not so much on Israel’s defense.

  • The debate should ensure that participants get a fair and balanced view of the conflict, in the Fox News sense of the term. In fact, some people might have concerns that these four might have difficulty debating anything, as they seem to be on the same page on all central issues. You know, that any decent person would denounce Israel in the strongest possible terms.

    So here are some suggestions for issues to discuss that there might be some disagreement about:

    • Is it more accurate to characterize the Zionist enterprise as: colonial? imperialist? racist? Or should all three count equally? If so, what is their order of preference in speeches, etc.?
    • What is is about Israeli policy that has caused Hamas to be more radical organization than Fatah?
    • Have we reached the point where Israel is more like Nazi Germany in 1944 than 1939?
    • Who is the closest comparison to Netanyahu? Mussolini, Pinochet, or George Bush?
    • Which is a greater violation of international law? Israel protecting its border, Israel responding to rocket attacks, or Israel wanting to have its own capital?
    • What is the right protocol for addressing the Iranian delegation to Durban III?via

    Gaza promotional video starring Mads Gilbert

    May 14, 2011
    Remember Mads Gilbert faked CPR for the NEWS? Here he is again! …Does anyone remember the Doctor that faked a Civilian Death?
    Here is a promotional video from Gaza showing us a very different picture from the one we are accustomed to.
    The Norwegian Palestine-lobby is ignoring the fact that the maghreb and middle east is in flames for reasons which have nothing to do with Israel, and are equipping and manning a convoy to come to the aid of authoritarian-run Gaza. According to the UN, there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Egypt has opened her borders and Israel is supplying aid.