Watch Madonna Flash The Crowd At Concert In Turkey

June 11, 2012

…how did that go over?


Feminists Again: Eva Peron ‘kept Nazi treasure taken from Jews’

September 1, 2011
Sure are a lot of these progressive whores fooling around with Hitler’s goons. To my Jewish brothers… be careful with the whores that try to indoctinate you into their Hitlery Clinton world view. Speaking of Hitlery Clinton… she didn’t get along to well with Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Maria Callas and Livni also comes to mind. Funny the way these Semi-Socialist Vagina led tyrants don’t like each other.

‘The Politically Incorrect Guide to Latin America’ aims to highlight a series of little known controversies about leading leftist figures in the history of the continent. It claims that Simon Bolivar, the hero of Latin America’s independence wars, was scared that blacks and indigenous Indians would seize power and that Salvador Allende, the Marxist Chilean president of the 1970s, considered a Nazi-inspired policy of sterilisation. Its authors, the Brazilian journalists Leandro Narloch and Duda Teixeira, said the book is intended to generate discussion about issues airbrushed from history books.
Eva Peron ‘kept Nazi treasure taken from Jews’Eva Peron, known as Evita, was the second wife of President Juan Peron, and remains a national heroine almost 60 years after she died from cancer. Hospitals, schools and orphanages were built in poor areas through a foundation she established and she was crucial to her husband’s popularity with the masses. However, Mr Peron helped many Nazis fleeing Europe after the Second World War to find a safe haven in Argentina, including Adolf Eichmann and Josef Mengele. According to the new book: “It is still suspected that among her [Eva Peron’s] possessions, there were pieces of Nazi treasure, that came from rich Jewish families killed in concentration camps. “Peron himself even spoke of goods of ‘German and Japanese origin’ that the Argentine government had appropriated.” Looking further back in history, the authors write of Bolivar: “His greatest fear was that blacks, Indians and those of mixed race would take power and install a government.” Allende, who killed himself in 1973 during a coup which saw General Augusto Pinochet depose him, is accused of having “stifled the media”. The book adds that he started “a project of socialist doctrination in schools and almost installed a law of sterilisation, inspired by a Nazi law” aimed at reducing genetic illnesses. The book has triggered a wave of controversy, winning praise from some historians for stimulating debate but attracting strong criticism from others for a lack of historical context. “It is not a historical guide. It is politically incorrect. We only show the unpleasant side of history’s heroes,” said Narloch, who is now planning a follow-up work about global historical figures.

MADONNA ‘S Muslim Lover BOY was Too Strict for Her

May 8, 2011
Queen of Pop Madonna has split
 from her toyboy lover Brahim Zaibat,
a strict Muslim, over religious differences.
Zaibat, 24, a hip-hop dancer, had been seeing Madonna, 52, who is devoted to Kabbalah, for nine months.

Whatever happened to Jesus?

“Brahim’s family had told him they did not want him going to Kabbalah meetings and wanted him to stick to his Muslim beliefs, which caused some rows,” the Daily Mail quoted a source close to Zaibat as saying.

“Things started to turn sour and they were hardly seeing each other,” the source said.
A friend of the hip-hop dancer revealed that Zaibat is happy with the decision.

“Who’s Madonna? Brahim has been home and he’s a single guy,” the friend said.
“He is no longer an item with Madonna. He’s very happy. There’s nothing more to say,” the friend added. via

Madonna’s new toyboy is a French Muslim ~ Whatever happened to Jesus?

November 6, 2010

Whatever happened to Jesus?

She decided to do her shopping in a North African souk!!
Well at least he won’t be seeking a passport out of the deal.
The mother of Madonna’s latest toyboy told yesterday of her astonishment when her son told her who he was dating.
Frenchwoman Patricia Vidal said she received a phone call from her 24-year-old son Brahim Zaibat, a dancer working in New York.
‘I’ve got a new girlfriend,’ he said.
The mother of four was unperturbed when he mentioned an age gap of eight years.
‘You’ve always been mature for your age – it will be good to spend some time with a girl who’s a bit older than you,’ she said.
‘No,’ Zaibat replied. ‘She’s eight years older than you, Mum – and her name is Madonna.’
‘My mouth fell open when I realised that my son was Madonna’s new boyfriend,’ said 44-year-old Miss Vidal at her ninth-floor flat on a dingy council estate in Lyon. ‘It’s something I’m still trying to come to terms with.

‘Madonna was already a big star when I was a schoolgirl, let alone when Brahim was growing up. The whole situation is very strange indeed – surreal even.’
Zaibat met 52-year-old Madonna in September when he was dancing at the launch of her new line of clothes at Macy’s department store in New York. She invited him out and observers say it was love at first sight.
They have become regulars at the Sullivan Room, a dance club where they sit in the VIP area sharing bottles of Fiji mineral water. On a recent trip to London they were seen kissing and cuddling in a nightclub.
However the relationship is not without its obstacles. Zaibat’s English is far from fluent while Madonna does not speak a word of French. And, like his mother, Zaibat does not even like Madonna’s music very much.
Most importantly, he is a devout Muslim who – according to his mother – prays to Allah a number of times a day and shuns alcohol and cigarettes.
Those religious views contrast sharply with the hedonistic lifestyle personified by the Material Girl. Moreover, Madonna is a high-profile follower of Kabbalah, a variation of Judaism.
Miss Vidal – whose Algerian husband left her and their four children when Zaibat was still a young boy – explained: ‘This is certainly not the kind of thing Brahim was brought up to involve himself with.
‘Things didn’t work out between me and my husband, but Brahim was raised as a good Muslim. Brahim’s faith is hugely important to him, and has got him through some very difficult times.’
She continued: ‘I certainly wouldn’t say we’re overjoyed by Brahim’s relationship with a non-Muslim, and the fact that she’s Madonna doesn’t make things any easier.
‘The only other thing I’m prepared to say about all this is that I think it was Madonna who moved in on Brahim rather than the other way round. I think she’s very well known for this kind of thing.’
Madonna’s initial topic of conversation with Zaibat was apparently that she is a Leo – born in August 1958 – while he – born in September 1986 – is a Virgo. She said the two star signs were naturally suited.
He is said to get on well with Madonna’s precocious daughter, Lourdes, who at 13 is already a regular on the celebrity circuit. Zaibat is already calling her Lola – the nickname she prefers.
Miss Vidal said: ‘Brahim has younger siblings so he feels very happy in the company of younger people, including kids. I’m sure Madonna will appreciate this if Brahim is spending time with her children.’
Before Zaibat, Madonna dated another 24-year-old – Brazilian Jesus Luz.
Zaibat is aware of the relative financial security Luz gained from his relationship with Madonna, propelling himself from an impoverished wannabe to a £20,000-a-night DJ and Dolce & Gabbana model.
However he has told friends and family he has no interest in exploiting his relationship with the star.
He says his ultimate aim in life is to help children from similar underprivileged backgrounds. ‘I just want to get on with my life – for everything to be normal,’ he told the Daily Mail.
The phone calls home have continued despite his high-profile romance. Zaibat even spent a night back at the Lyon flat late last month.
‘He hadn’t changed a bit,’ his mother said, pointing proudly to the fact that Brahim slept in his childhood bed and watched TV with everybody, as he always did as a boy.
‘Nothing has changed him at all – as far as he is concerned he’s just got a new girlfriend and wants to enjoy himself.
‘He’s always been very shy when he’s not dancing, and will definitely not try to take advantage of his new status.
‘On the contrary, Brahim will do everything he can to keep a low profile, and to carry on working hard.’
It seems he is not planning to bring his new girlfriend home to meet his family in the near future.
‘No, I can’t see Madonna arriving here any time soon,’ added Miss Vidal. ‘She has given us quite a few surprises recently, but that really would be one too far.’
Daily Mail

…watch Madonna convert to Islam. Any takers? this is a bet

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