Lotion Man is Danny Cline

October 7, 2011

Who is worse? The Troll or those who laugh at the Troll?

More From Lotion Man

October 6, 2011

Anti-Semitism at Occupy Wall Street Protest Updated Here

October 6, 2011

…but my father really did… supposedly control Wall Street this year! ;^) Blame my father LOLZ!

this guy is another homosexual with issues against Jews. he says he is the Lotion Man on youtube. lotion man is jamaican slang, referral to a gay man, who uses lotion to lubricate his backside for anal sex purposes

(Israelly Cool) Someone needs to introduce this man to Lauren Booth.The funny thing is even though he says “Go back to Israel”, he will then claim we have no right to be there.

I like the gay Jew hater there better. His Youtube name was LotionMan (now deleted) and you can google what that means. Somehow it just made me happy that he was getting it where the sun don’t shine by someone. I know sodomy isn’t kosher unless you are Conservative or Reform, but what came to mind is this guy was getting his sexual jollies this way and I really don’t even wish a Jew hater displeasure… though it is sad to say that I know NYC well and I grew up here and frankly what goes on at LGBT is pretty much what you are seeing. I hope I’m very offensive.