There is Some Proof that some of Anonymous is Zionist

August 25, 2011
prison plant guy shocked to learn that the wikileaks are Pro Israel in content and blames hackers for being zionists

A Prison Planet nut claims that 4Chan hacked an Alex Jones server. Apparently LOLSec is a splinter of Anonymous. Apparently LOLSec and 4Chan are Zionist hacker groups. Many conspiracy theorists now seem to have a certain amount of suspician at Jullian Assange because the information was released in such a way that Israel and Neo Conservatives benefited. As you can see here this Prison Plant fellow has an Irish accent and his background has many members who have sympathy with “freedom” fighters. Even this guy admits that the Wikileak information was a Zionists wet dream. So the hacker groups that are looking to protect Assange and the information being released are Pro Israel, but not all of Anonymous has these views as evidenced by some Anonymous artwork that compared Zionism to other Socialist movements. Obviously it is quite shocking for those who claim to be the counter culture and are in fact a dominant culture in much of the world are quite shocked when they realize that hackers are Zionist and that the real counter culture is not what was expected. You can see this as evidence by some Anonymous Video Productions. Anonymous Hackers are not one person. Some of these guys in a very lose confederation are Zionists.Anonymous Hackers has carried out web attacks to help Wikileaks.

they are still out there Anonymous

Anonymous Hackers Claim Retaliatory Attack On Spanish Police Website

A flag conveying symbolism associated with Anonymous. The symbolism of the “suit without a head” represents leaderless organization and anonymity.

Anonymous also announced it was continuing operation Anti-Security or AntiSec – a campaign brought into the spotlight by LulzSec, which it claimed was its motivation for a series of damaging website security breaches and denial of service attacks.