free market talking to the #feminists: Idaho Liquor Sales Soar After Washington State Passes Tax

July 30, 2012

Idaho Statemen:

Washington voters last year approved privatization of the state’s liquor business, opening up liquor sales to grocery stores and other retailers. That came with a new 10 percent distributor fee plus a 17 percent retail fee to replace money the state lost when it shut down its state-run liquor stores. The result was higher prices for consumers at many retail outlets.
The surge in Idaho border-store sales mirrors a surge in Oregon, where sales near the Washington border rose 35 percent in June, bringing Oregon $870,000 more than usual. That’s just a hair more than Idaho’s border-store sales increase last month.  Oregon, like Idaho, has a state-run liquor market.
But it’s also likely because of Washington shoppers driving across the border for lower prices. The eight Idaho-run stores near Washington sold about 33 percent more liquor in June than the same month last year, Anderson said. The state’s overall June sales were 14 percent higher.

I’d be drunk too… and trying to save a buck if I lived in a feminist state like Washington