Ugly Female Candidates ‘Repel Voters’, Says Former Polish Prime Minister

September 21, 2011

(Libra Bunda) THE DAILY TELEGRAPH: A former Polish prime minister has angered feminists by saying unattractive women candidates “repel voters”, just weeks before the country’s general election.

During a television interview Leszek Miller, once leader of the left-wing and officially pro-women Democratic Left Alliance, said parties should avoid fielding less-than-beautiful candidates.”If the parties revolve around unattractive women, then this is something anachronistic and will repel voters,” he said as Poles prepare to vote on the October 9 election. The comment riled women, who have often complained that conservative and old-fashioned attitudes in Polish public life hold women back. »Matthew Day, Warsaw

Obviously the Polish like their candidates attractive, I wish the rest of the world could learn from this. ;^)