Solomonia: Leftist Israeli-American Lawyer Loses Law License

April 16, 2010

It’s official, Shamai Leibowitz has lost his license to practice law in New York: Lawyer Who Disclosed Classified FBI Information Is Suspended

An attorney who disclosed classified information while working as a contract linguist for the FBI in Maryland has had his license to practice suspended in New York.
Shamai Kedem Leibowitz, an Israeli-American lawyer, acknowledged that he had committed a “serious crime,” but asked the Appellate Division, 3rd Department, to set aside the suspension for “good cause” pending his sentencing in Maryland on the federal felony and a final New York disciplinary determination.
Leibowitz insisted in an affirmation to the Appellate Division that he was “not motivated by venality, but rather by misguided patriotism.”
Moreover, he argued that “the crime to which I pleaded guilty did not involve in any way my practice of law.”…

More background at the link, also see the first link for a search here on the name. Just another leftist who can’t be trusted. Amazing how that works. Seems to me it’s mostly those on the left, whose principles are SO high above us average folk (and their oaths, and their countries…) that are the people who can least be trusted when it comes to keeping secrets.