Stealth Jihad Invades Columbia University (Again)

October 12, 2011
JanSuzanne Krasner (Docs Talk/American Thinker) Columbia University students, along with others on the campus, will be able to get a good look at “stealth jihad” in action as the “Students for Justice in Palestine” (SJP) hold a three-day training program next weekend on campus.

The attraction being used to seduce the students to this event is a rapper named “Immortal Technique,” who, according to claims made by the National Conference on Jewish Affairs (NCJA), is an entertainer “who extols and incites violence and criminality, spews brutal anti-American vitriol, and is a condemner of Israel … and a fan of the Nation of Islam, among other repellent views.” The event is to take place on October 14-16. Organizers hope to raise $30,000 in preparation for the upcoming 2012 national campus event called “Israel Apartheid Week” that has been held the past seven years in February or March. When one enters their website, the most prominent message that appears alongside the face of Hatem Bazian, Professor at UC Berkeley and Chair of American Muslims for Palestine National (AMPN), is “America’s college students are at the cutting edge of the global free Palestine movement in the US and across the globe and they are making a difference.”
Scrolling the site, one finds quotes from individuals and organizations that proudly attest to the success of the SPJ. The list includes several professors from highly acclaimed universities, lecturers, authors and journalists, founders and organizers of anti-Israeli movements like BDS, and a human rights attorney. Most striking is the endorsement by the Free Gaza Movement that reads: “Organizations such as the student movement, SJP, are an integral part of the non-violent revolution now sweeping the world.”

Folks, it couldn’t be any clearer as to what is happening on our college campuses.
Under the guise of Israel-bashing, it is really our country that has become the target of attacks at universities across the U.S., but most students don’t realize that. The creation of the SJP organization at UC Berkeley in the early ’90s has now grown to a national movement where anti-Israeli supporters argue that “Israeli Apartheid” is analogous to the anti-Apartheid student mobilizations some decades ago directed at South Africa.
Their claim can’t be farther from the truth, but that is another subject. However, it must be said that the delegitimization of Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state (where Arabs are also permitted to be citizens) must be contrasted against the SJP’s demand for a state for Palestinians (where 45% of its Palestinian residents will be denied citizenship), where no Jews can live. It seems like SJP should be looking in a mirror to see what apartheid really looks like.
In an effort to stop Columbia from allowing this event, the NCJA is asking in its recently released “Action Alert” why “President Bollinger and the Board are turning Columbia, a university once known for its rigor and academic excellence, into one that instead is gaining the reputation of sell-out to ugly hatred and flaccid standards.” Furthermore, the NCJA believes that the SJP event “violates Columbia University’s own code of ‘Civil Behavior and Community Standards’ as written[.]”
It is expected that in and out of the classroom, on and off campus, each student in the School of General Studies will act in an honest way and will respect the rights of others. Freedom of expression is an essential part of University life, but it does not include intimidation, threats of violence, or the inducement of others to engage in violence or in conduct which harasses others. Conduct which threatens or harasses others because of their race, sex, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or for any other reason is unacceptable and will be dealt with very severely. For all to benefit from the diversity to be found at Columbia, all must live up to these standards.
The NCJA is taking a lead to express the frustration felt by many about the excuses Columbia University’s representatives have used in the past to explain the school’s political activities:
Of course we will not be surprised to hear from President Bollinger and the Board that this is just a “student group” and the university is “not involved” and that this is “the free expression of ideas,” intellectual freedom” or even “art.” But we can no longer accept these excuses for what appears to be pure hatred and efforts to intimidate pro-Israel Jewish students and others who do not agree with SPJ’s views. We need to know if Columbia University is providing any financial or other support to SJP and this event, including providing the building in which Immortal Technique is performing.
American parents and alumni (not to mention all who believe in our democratic republic), it is time to recognize how Islamism is encroaching on our society with its patient, systematic plan to infiltrate from within and slowly end democracy as we know it. The Muslim Brotherhood actively supports and finances student organizations like SJP and the Muslim Student Association (MSA). Islamists have found that invading Western culture through its educational institutions is an extremely effective strategy to spread the word of Allah.
The Muslim Brotherhood’s three-stage blueprint for covert jihad, written in the early 1920s, still has the power to inspire many Muslims to continue their required participation in a “non-violent jihad.” The first stage of this plan calls for the spread of the Islamic message through propaganda, media, confrontation, and character assassination of opponents, and the training of messengers of Islam in the form of professors and lecturers to reach schools, mosques, and public facilities. Keeping this in mind helps to put a clear perspective on this “training event’ at Columbia University, as well as appreciating the true mission of Islamists.
The NCJA also questions Hillel, the organization for Jewish campus life, as to why “they are failing to stand up against hatred and the incitement of violence against Israel and Israel supporters.” Considering the lack of interest or courage in the Columbia University’s community towards this event, the NCJA is reaching out for public support.
First, they are asking for individuals to contact the Office of the President Lee Bollinger in NYC by calling (212) 854-9970, by sending a fax to (212) 854-9973, or by sending an e-mail to You can also call the university’s chapter of Hillel at (202) 449-6500 and voice your anger that they are not protecting Columbia’s Jewish and non-Muslim students. If people make their disapproval known, they will have the power to change the situation.
In recognition that both the SJP and the SMA are making formidable strides to further an Islamic radical agenda on our American youth, the NCJA is also forming an “Education and Campus Life Task Force” to address these concerns on campuses around the country.
Readers, now is the time to take action to prevent the “stealth jihad” disguised as “freedom-fighting” from continuing to reach our children through the hate-filled rhetoric promoted by these Muslim student associations and the professors and lecturers that carry their message of hate.


How you know the MEDIA is SHILLING the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD in Libya

September 2, 2011
Belhadj helped found the
Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG)

He says he was tortured by the CIA and accused of links with al-Qaeda, but Tripoli’s new military commander, Abdulhakim Belhadj insists that he is no extremist or enemy of the United States.
“I have no intention of revenge,” he said in an interview aimed at clearing his name in the media. “I may take legal advice one day, but I won’t be an obstacle in the way of the relationship between Libya and the United States.”…. Nevertheless, the LIFG was banned by the United Nations and listed by the State Department as a terrorist organization. Belhadj was arrested in Malaysia in 2004 and transferred to Thailand, where he was briefly interrogated and, he says, tortured by the CIA. says the Washington Post.

Question: If this guy isn’t part of some kind of global Jihad then what is he doing in Malaysia if his primary interest is freedom for Libya? Why is the Muslim Brotherhood tweeting this from the Washington post? …and why is some guy from Harvard also trying to push the same idea. Something is going on here. There is a push to convince the American public that the Muslim Brotherhood or Al Qaeda (what have you… the same damn thing) is not running Libya right now. Expect to see the media continue to push this idea like as if it were a Global Warming public relations drive. These are the same people who told us that Gaddafi was harmless and a reformer and then back stabbed him. What benefit does commercial media find in promoting such an Anti-America worldview? It isn’t just George Soros influence. Keep in mind the Washington Post is owned by Lee C. Bollinger (top guy at the NY FED BANK board: apologies for sounding like a conspiracy theory.. but he really is) who was the guy who allowed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to come to Columbia University to give his vile speech. These guys are after building a relationship with these third world countries so that they can pillage the natural resources. They smugly call Americans provincial and uneducated, but the truth is that they are in it for the money.

Al Jazeera’s shill to U.S. audience by Pres. Bollinger of Columbia U. AKA Washington Post AKA chair Fed Bank

March 29, 2011

Lee Bollinger, Columbia University’s $1,753,984-a-year president who also serves as chairman of the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

GazaColumbia Univ. President 
Lee C. Bollinger
(a member of the 
Pulitzer Prize board
awarding Samantha Powers

her trophy Pulitzer
so she can have an excuse
to say Obama should invade Israel

Lee Bollinger, Columbia University’s $1,753,984-a-year president who also serves as chairman of the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, has an article in Bloomberg Businessweek arguing that the Federal Communications Commission should force cable companies to carry Al Jazeera. He describes access to the channel as “critically valuable” to “our democracy” and to “America’s understanding of the world.”

This is ridiculous. Anyone who wants to see what Al Jazeera English has on offer can easily visit its Web site. One can find an article by an American responding to the recent murder of Israeli children by writing that “Netanyahu has never condemned or even expressed remorse over the killing of 300 plus Palestinian children by the IDF during the Gaza war. (In fact, one would be hard pressed to find any Israeli government that ever even criticised the killing of Palestinian children by the IDF, although many hundreds have been killed over the last decade).” One can find an article by a Columbia professor asserting that “a ‘manly’ and ‘straight’ heteronormativity was manufactured for ‘Arabs'” and calling for humans to transcend “obscene class divisions.”
There’s no disclosure at all to Bloomberg Businessweek readers that Mr. Bollinger and Columbia have some substantial ties to the al Thani family that owns both the country of Qatar and Al Jazeera. A Columbia art exhibit Web site acknowledges the support of “The Arab Museum of Modern Art, Qatar and the Qatar Foundation, Her Excellency Sheikha al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, and His Excellency Sheikh Hassan bin Mohammed bin Ali Al Thani.” ABC News reported “the Qatari princess went to college at Duke University in North Carolina and is now pursuing a masters at Columbia University in New York.” Mr. Bollinger has shown no hesitation in the past when it comes to accepting donations from undemocratic or unfree Arab countries; Columbia took money from the United Arab Emirates that Harvard refused to accept. If Americans are looking for an Al Jazeera-type perspective they don’t even need the American government to force Al Jazeera onto their cable television; they can just go enroll in Columbia’s Middle East studies department, at least one of whose professors Mayor Bloomberg’s own administration has adjudged unworthy of training New York City public school teachers.
The whole column is an embarrassment to both Mr. Bollinger (who is apparently difficult to embarrass) and Businessweek. It’s not clear what is so special about Al Jazeera that it deserves to be forced by the U.S. government onto American televisions. Does Mr. Bollinger want every foreign television channel whose owner is a major Columbia donor or potential one to be forced by the American government onto American television?
Mr. Bollinger is a paid director of the Washington Post Company, which owns a cable television company that serves 720,000 customers in 19 states. If he thinks it’s so vitally important to American democracy for all Americans to watch Al Jazeera, let him speak up at the next Post board meeting and earn his directors fees by forcing Al Jazeera into the cable package of all of his own company’s customers, rather than asking the government to impose the channel on the rest of us.

Lee Bollinger, President of Columbia University via

Columbia Journalism School’s Lecture Hall was packed Friday afternoon when a panel of five journalists and digital media experts gathered to discuss the power and potential of social media in a televised discussion with Marwan Bishara, host of Al Jazeera English’s “Empire.”Watch it here  Check the broadcast schedule via journalism.columbia.ed Al Jazeera: Reporting in Gaza Listen via

Cable ONE is a United States cable service provider and subsidiary of The Washington Post Company, functioning as its own self-contained corporation within its parent company. The company’s name and current focus dates back to 1997; prior to that time the company was known as Post-Newsweek Cable. It is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.[1]
Cable ONE is the 10th largest cable provider [2] in the USA with most subscribers residing in small rural communities in nineteen midwestern, southern, and western states. As of January 2009, about 699,000 subscribers receive basic service and about 230,000 receive digital video service from Cable ONE. The company offers broadband Internet to over 370,000 subscribers. [3] In May 2006, Cable ONE began a system-by-system launch of its digital telephone service with currently about 94,000 subscribers. Cable ONE is the only major cable provider that maps subchannel numbers same as digital cable box channel numbers. [4] via

Columbia U. vs. the little guy

December 17, 2010
Bollinger: Rich bully is getting his way.
Bollinger: Rich bully is getting his way.

We often hear politicians and pundits denounce property rights. Property rights, we’re told, protect the fat cats against the needs of the public. They’re a tool for keeping the little guy down.

Like a lot of what we hear from politicians and pundits, this is exactly the opposite of the truth. The fat cats don’t need the protection of property rights, because they already control the political system. It’s the little guy (or gal), the one without political juice, who needs strong property rights for protection from the fat cats and the politicians they control.

We often hear politicians and pundits denounce property rights. Property rights, we’re told, protect the fat cats against the needs of the public. They’re a tool for keeping the little guy down.
Like a lot of what we hear from politicians and pundits, this is exactly the opposite of the truth. The fat cats don’t need the protection of property rights, because they already control the political system. It’s the little guy (or gal), the one without political juice, who needs strong property rights for protection from the fat cats and the politicians they control.

This was demonstrated again this week, as the last legal barrier (a possible US Supreme Court review) to Columbia University’s efforts to condemn and seize two businesses — Tuck-it-Away Self-Storage and a gas station owned by Gurnam Singh and Parminder Kaur in West Harlem — vanished.
Columbia said the condemnation was necessary to support the university’s “vision” for a new campus; school President Lee Bollinger called the victory “a very important moment in the history of the university.”
It was an important, if not especially proud, moment for Columbia — but it was surely a bigger moment in the lives of those West Harlem business owners, as their property gets taken away to promote the “vision” of what is, in fact, a multibillion-dollar corporation servicing the daughters and sons of the wealthy, the powerful and the connected.
Traditionally, the “public-domain” power was used to acquire property needed for things like roads and bridges. It’s still often defended in those terms, but the “public use” required for such takings has now been interpreted by courts to include pretty much anything the government wants to do with the property — including handing it over to someone else who just happens to be wealthier or better-connected than the original property holder.

In this case, the government lacks even the weak excuse that the change will boost tax revenues, since — as Megan McArdle of The Atlantic Monthly pointed out — the property is being transferred from taxpaying businesses to a largely non-taxpaying enterprise.
Part of the American Dream was the expectation that if you started a business, you might go broke but you didn’t have to worry about the government seizing your business on behalf of those with more political juice. That sort of thing was for Third World countries, corrupt kleptocracies where connections mattered more than capability.
Not anymore. In fact, some of those formerly corrupt Third World countries have started providing stronger protection for private property, as they’ve realized that the more power you give to politicians and their cronies, the less incentive people have to try to succeed through hard work. What’s the point, if you’re at the mercy of the cronies?

if you really look at this right.  this is what is happening to America as a whole.  small banks can’t compete against government banks that can’t fail