A former translator for Osama Bin Laden thinks LeBron should apologize to Cleveland

August 18, 2012
London Olympics Basketball Men

(AP) Muhammed Rahim is a detainee at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, ad a former translator for the formerly alive Osama Bin Laden. He had his lawyer whip up a letter to the Washington Post, and in it, he asked for a cat for company, since other prisoners have them. Oh, yes, and he delightfully decided to share his feelings on The Decision from back in 2010. Yup. Kittens and LeBron, from Bin Laden’s translator:

In addition to sharing the news of Khan’s cat, Rahim had another thought to share with his lawyer, who, we should note, is from Akron, Ohio.
“Dear Mr. Warner!” he wrote in a separate freshly declassified letter. “Lebron James is very bad man. He should apologize to the city of Cleveland.”
Warner says Rahim’s sentiment about the NBA star who left the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat reflects his client’s tribal values, in which loyalty is paramount and “betrayals are not tolerated or forgiven, although an honest apology from an offending peer is valued.”

via In the Loop: A kitty for bin Laden’s translator – The Washington Post.



Lebron James consults Rabbi

August 11, 2010

The latest crazy news coming out of the entertainment world is that Lebron James has now hired the world famous Rabbi Pinto (I even have a friend in Rabbi Pinto’s yeshiva in New York!) to consult with on business matters.

It is crazy, because a)Lebron isn’t Jewish (unless he has “Hebrew roots” like Ama’re Stoudamire has because his mama studied the Old Testament) and b) Rabbi Pinto no speaka de English. Perhaps he had a translator there, though no translator is seen in the picture, but more likely he is consulting based on his kabalistic ability to glean insight into matters.
The picture is from the entertainment site TMZ which reported:

TMZ has obtained this exclusive photo of LeBron James in a business meeting earlier today with Rabbi Yishayahu Yosef Pinto … a man known around New York as the “Rabbi to the Business Stars.”
Sources involved with the meeting tell us LeBron had hired Rabbi Pinto for spiritual guidance for a “big merchandising meeting” that took place on a private yacht somewhere off the coast of NY just hours ago.
Rabbi Pinto — a 37 year-old-man who speaks only Hebrew — has met with all sorts of business moguls in the past … and is considered by some to be a “spiritual guide” who consults on business matters.
We’re told LeBron paid in the neighborhood of 6-figures to get Rabbi Pinto to sit in on today’s meeting … in which LeBron heard presentations from several “big time” retail execs.
It’s been a big summer for the Jews — with Amar’e Stoudemire meeting with rabbis in Israel … and Shaq learning Hebrew.
It’s only a matter of time before they start poppin’ Manischewitz in the clubs!

Hey – if Lebron James can consult with a rabbi,, there is no reason why Shwekey shouldn’t!
I wonder if he also consulted the Rabbi before he decided which team to sign for…Perhaps one of the reasons he chose Miami is to be closer to Rabbi Pinto, as one of Rabbi Pinto’s franchise shuls is located in Miami…
The Yahoo Sports report on this also had a cute line about this:

They say three is a trend, so now all we need is a third NBA superstar to do anything involving anything Jewish. I’m putting my money on Chris Bosh(notes) praising the health benefits of kugel. He seems to like to hop on whatever fad he can.

I don’t know why they missed out on the point about Shaq learning Hebrew, so the trend of three already happened.
And let’s not forget, James has already expressed in the past that one of the people he most admires is Ohio philanthropist Jay Schottenstein…