US: No More Weapons to Lebanon

April 4, 2011

The United States has shut down the flow of weapons to Lebanon due to concerns that the Hizbullah terrorist organization may seize the arms.
The arms freeze was actually implemented in January, according to a report published Monday in the Wall Street Journal
However, the decision was not publicized in order to ensure a smooth transition to a new Lebanese government following the collapse of former Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri’s Western-backed administration. American deliveries of non-lethal equipment have continued, as has military training for the Lebanese Army. In 2010, the U.S. granted at least $18 million in ordnance to Lebanon, according to the report. Hizbullah-backed Nagib Mikati was appointed as the new prime minister-designate in January with a parliamentary majority secured, according to March 14 Alliance rivals, by the terrorists’ weapons. March 14 is a coalition of political parties and independents in Lebanon led by Hariri, son of the assassinated former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.


This is where Hitlery Clinton wants your tax dollars going: Lebanese Brigades

March 5, 2011
“Lebanese Brigades” Pledge to Take Over Tel Aviv If Nasrallah So Commands.


Commander: The brigades of the fifth region: Renew your pledge of allegiance.
Footage shows the brigade members saluting the tomb of Imad Mughniya
Reporter: They renewed their pledge to continue on the path of resistance, in the footsteps of the commander of the two victories, the martyr and commander Hajj Imad Mughniya. After the words about all the accomplishments, the brigades of the fifth region in the north made their pledge, before the tomb of the martyr and commander, in the Mausoleum of the Two Martyrs, on the anniversary of his death.
Spokesman for the Lebanese Brigades: In the name of Jihad and the mujahideen, the brigades of the fifth region hereby renew their pledge of allegiance to you, oh leader of the resistance.
You have asked the mujahideen to be fully prepared to take over the Galilee at your behest. We are telling you, that from here – from the tomb of the leader of the victories, of Jihad, and of the resistance – we are prepared to take over Tel Aviv, if you so command.

Clinton: ‘Lebanese Armed Forces are professional and non-sectarian’

March 4, 2011

Hillary Clinton told the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday that the Lebanese Armed Forces are ‘professional and non-sectarian’ and therefore the US should continue its assistance to them – despite the fact that Hezbullah is about to become the country’s ruling party.

She really wants control, but these are forces even Hitlery can not pull the strings with.

Hillary Clinton: America is Losing An Information War to Al Jazeera

Notice that Hillary is asking for money for public media aka propaganda. Do you really trust Obama to create the rhetoric? There are plenty of Pro American voices being heard. Perhaps it is just that the voice being heard doesn’t trust Hillary and enablers of Jihad?

From Accuracy in Media‘s Don Irvine:
Secretary of State  Hillary Clinton appeared before the U.S. Foreign Policy Priorities Committee yesterday, stating that counter to our history we are are now “losing an information war” to other countries.
Clinton also told the committee that private media isn’t up to the task of fighting the information war:

“Our private media cannot fill that gap. In fact our private media, particularly cultural programming often works at counter purposes to what we truly are as Americans and what our values are.  I remember having an Afghan general tell me that the only thing he thought about Americans is that all the men wrestled and the women walked around in bikinis because the only TV he ever saw was Baywatch and World Wide Wrestling.”

Full story and video here.

Hitlery is a common way of adressing Hillary Clinton. via

Potential War over Sea Riches like Oil and Gas

November 2, 2010

The recent discoveries of massive gas fields off the coast of northern Israel, tantalizingly close to Lebanese coastal waters, has stirred cash-strapped Lebanon to accelerate efforts to begin its own oil and gas exploration.

Last year, a US-Israeli consortium discovered the Tamar gas field 55 miles off the coast of northern Israel, which contains an estimated 8.4 trillion cubic feet of recoverable gas – the largest natural-gas find in the world in 2009. Earlier this year, a field called Leviathan was discovered in the same area with an initial estimate of 16 trillion cubic feet of gas.

But there are likely more untapped fields; the US Geological Survey (USGS) said in March that the Levantine Basin, which includes the territorial waters of Lebanon, Israel, Syria, and Cyprus, could hold as much as 122 trillion cubic feet of gas – and 1.7 billion barrels of oil.

According to the article, Lebanon is strapped for cash and heavily in debt–and would love to have access to these reserves, not to mention others that may be just waiting to be discovered. More to the point, it is not yet known whether the gas field extends into Lebanon’s territorial waters.
However, that question is complicated by the fact that since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, Lebanon and Israel have officially been at war and so the two countries have never sat down to establish agreed upon maritime borders.
As a result, Israel might claim the “right of capture”, according to which a country can extract oil or gas from its side of the border, even if those reserves extend into the territory of another country’s territory. The UN Convention on the Law of the Sea does offer guidelines for establishing maritime borders, but Israel is not a signatory to the convention. In any case, again–this would require both sides to sit down and talk.
So we are left with Lebanese officials accusing Israel of stealing Lebanese resources, while Hezbollah threatens to use its weapons to defend them.
As for the UN, how much help can they be? The “Blue Line” the UN established in 2000 was not supposed to be a legal border, but just a way to measure the pullout of Israeli troops. It has become a ‘border’ only because the two sides cannot agree on the land border either.

Hezbollah openly threatens civil war in Lebanon

September 28, 2010

Report In Lebanon: UAE Authorities Order Lebanese Nationals Out
The UAE authorities have ordered Lebanese nationals residing in the territory to leave immediately.

It should be noted that a similar order, issued a year ago, was rescinded following intervention by the Lebanese parliament spokesman Nabih Berri.
Source: Al-Akhbar, Lebanon, September 25, 2010

From Naharnet:

Hizbullah’s MP Nawwaf Moussawi on Friday warned that “the period that will follow the (Special Tribunal for Lebanon) indictment won’t be the same as the one before, and any group in Lebanon that might endorse this indictment will be treated as one of the tools of the U.S.-Israeli invasion, and it will have the same fate as the invader.”
“Those must not only be worried, but also panic-stricken, and we tell everyone that those who couldn’t defeat the Resistance through fire and iron and billions of dollars will not be able to defeat it through an indictment or anything else,” Moussawi warned.

in the past few weeks I have been corrected by so called neutral voices stating the difference between Lebanon Defense Forces and the Iranian proxy Hezbollah. I was consistently reminded during 2006 that Lebanon was a victim of all it’s neighbors. All these ideas are false. Lebanon and it’s people are clearly an aggressor and when they allow large missiles in their literal backyard they seize to have the ability to claim that they are civilians.

France to sell missiles to Lebanese

August 29, 2010

Sources: Israel, US trying to prevent arms sale to Lebanese Army.

Israel and the US are attempting to prevent a French-Lebanese arms deal that could lead to increased Israeli casualties in any future confrontation, Channel 10 cited from a Friday report by Arabic daily Asharq al-Awsat. According to the report, French Defense Minister Herve Moran sent a letter to his Lebanese counterpart Elias Murr offering to sell Lebanon 100 HOT anti-tank missiles to be armed on the Gazelle helicopters already in use by Lebanese Armed Forces.

Sarkozy says Obama’s position on Islam is crazy, but he still has to make a buck obviously.

IDF Lt.-Col. (res.) Dov Harari, 45, was killed and Capt. (res.) Ezra Lakia was seriously wounded, as well three LAF soldiers and one Lebanese journalist killed, when both sides exchanged fire after IDF soldiers attempted to cut down a tree on the Israeli side of the border.

The IDF had informed the UNIFIL peacekeeping force along the border ahead of time of the intended tree-clearing operation.

UNIFIL later confirmed that the IDF troops were on the Israeli side of the border
when the incident occurred, contradicting LAF claims that Lebanese
sniper fire directed at the Israeli troops had been justified by an
incursion upon Lebanese territory.

US military aid to Lebanon put on hold – Politics –

August 10, 2010

Rep. Howard Berman, D-Calif., said he placed a hold on $100 million in assistance to the Lebanese Armed Forces on Aug. 2, because he was concerned about influence the militant group Hezbollah may have in the army. He said those concerns were reinforced a day later when Lebanese soldiers shot and killed an Israeli officer along the two countries’ border.
“Until we know more about this incident and the nature of Hezbollah influence on the (Lebanese army) — and can assure that the (Lebanese army) is a responsible actor — I cannot in good conscience allow the United States to continue sending weapons to Lebanon,” Berman said in a statement.
Hezbollah was not involved in the most recent fighting but some have suggested that the group may have encouraged it.
In announcing the hold, Berman joined other lawmakers in urging the Obama administration to review its policy of providing weapons and training to the Lebanese military.
The Aug. 3 exchange of fire across the Lebanon-Israel border killed four people, including two Lebanese soldiers and the Israeli officer, in the most serious fighting since the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war.
Reps. Ron Klein, D-Fla., and Eric Cantor, R-Va., have made similar calls.
“Lebanon cannot have it both ways,” Cantor said in a statement. “If it wants to align itself with Hezbollah against the forces of democracy, stability and moderation, there will be consequences.”
He noted that the United States has since 2006 given the Lebanese army about $720 million in aid, including M-16 assault rifles, missile launchers, grenade launchers and night-vision goggles in addition to training.
Both the Bush and Obama administrations have backed sending aid to Lebanon’s army, maintaining that a professional military is critical for the government to exert its sovereign authority, which has been challenged by armed Hezbollah militants.
The State Department said Monday there was no evidence that American-supplied equipment had been used by Lebanese soldiers involved in the shooting incident. It said it was not yet clear if the soldiers involved had received U.S. military training.
Spokesman P.J. Crowley defended the assistance.
“We have an extensive military cooperation program with Lebanon because it’s in our interest to have that program,” he said. “It allows the government of Lebanon to expand its sovereignty. We believe that is in the interest of both of our countries and regional stability as a whole.”
Crowley told reporters he was not aware of plans to reevaluate U.S. military cooperation with Lebanon.

no evidence? the photos of the Lebanese soldiers that were shot had American guns!!!!! wtf? no evidence? who do these people think they are kidding?

noahdavidsimon’s posterous

two pictures of LAF soldiers who were on the ground for last week’s cross-border ambush of the IDF. The guns they’re holding are M16’s. Or, as the rifles are better known in the context of Lebanese security assistance, “American-made M16’s:”

[larger] [original link]

[larger] [original link]

Of course, as Foreign Policy gamely notes, you can never be sure. There’s at least a chance that these rifles are M16 knockoffs made by China, Iran, or Pakistan. Security assistance apologists – then – wouldn’t have to explain why we’re supplying the LAF with the specific weapons that they’re using to incite regional conflict. They’d only have to explain why we’re supplying the LAF with cutting-edge weapons while the Lebanese use different weapons – acquired either from our rising hegemonic rivals or from intransigent nuclear rogues – to incite regional conflict.
Now these M113 APC’s, the ones the LAF used to back their ambush?

[larger] [original link]

[larger] [original link]

Those definitely came from us [PDF]:


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