Obama administration claims ‘Israeli leaks’ hurting efforts to stop Iran

August 19, 2012

(Israel Matzav: Pot calls kettle black)In recent months, the Obama administration has leaked details of an alleged Israeli purchase of airfields in Azerbaijan, and of the role that the US and Israel have played in the development of the Stuxnet and Flame computer worms. Now, the Obama administration is complaining about ‘Israeli leaks.’ But of what? They’re not saying.

U.S. officials say Israeli leaders are sincere about the need to act quickly on Iran, but they do not think Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made the decision to strike. Rather, the Israeli leader is trying to pressure the United States. “They are deadly serious, as is the president, about the need to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon,” a senior U.S. official told the Washington Post. “But there has been far too much talking — background leaks and fabrications — that hurt the cause.”

But who outside of the Obama administration has done that talking?

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