Why does Hillary Clinton need Huma to meet with Bibi?

September 28, 2012

Hillary Clinton acts like a freshman Wellesley College girl. Bringing her mob of girls because alone she feel awkward. It’s amateur hour at the State Dept, Can’t she owe up to a lousy policy? Does she have to bring her female flock with her? Diplomacy does not go down like this. These are the type of feminists that send a gay man to meet with the Muslim Brotherhood. Just hope that Bibi doesn’t get raped in the ass as well.

(Carl)Haaretz’s Barak Ravid tweeted this photo of Hillary Clinton arriving at the Regency Hotel in New York for her Thursday meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu.
In a tweeted response, Laura Rozen identified the other people in the picture. That’s Hillary in the front. The lady to her left (our right) in the blue pantsuit and pink wrap is Wendy Sherman, the United States’ Iranian negotiator. The tall, thin guy behind her is policy planning chief Jake Sullivan. And the woman to Sullivan’s right (our left) with the brown shirt, white necklace and off white pants is Hillary’s administrative aide Muslim Brotherhood representative Huma Abedin.
What the heck is Huma doing there? Taking notes? For whom?


White House seeks Israeli agreement to negotiate on 1967 lines

June 11, 2011

Steven Simon, the new White House National Security Council senior director for the Middle East and North Africa, told representatives of the Jewish Community Friday during a conference call that the White House was looking to get both the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli government to adopt Mr. Obama’s “principles as a basis for negotiation,” according to a recording of the call played for the Washington Times.

Clinton’s administration was agile with the terrorism issue?

The Obama administration will tap Simon, a former top National Security Council official in the Clinton administration, to head the NSC’s Middle East desk, according to Laura Rozen of The Envoy foreign policy blog on Yahoo.com. Simon would succeed Daniel Shapiro, who by default has become the top administration point man for pro-Israel groups and Israeli officials.
Simon, currently a Middle Eastern studies fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, co-wrote “Building a Palestinian State” in 2005 when he was a senior analyst at the Rand Corp., a policy institute close to the U.S. defense establishment.
The paper at the time was the most comprehensive outline for Palestinian statehood and foresaw substantive Israeli concessions in the West Bank, although it also preserved some major settlements, including Ma’aleh Adumim. via thejewishweek.com

Mr. Obama’s position is “the borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps.”
Mr. Simon, who served as the Clinton White House’s top counter-terrorism official, said the United States had about a month to head off the Palestinian plan to declare a state during the annual United Nations General Assembly meeting set for September. via washingtontimes.com

“We have a month to see if we can work something out with the Israelis and Palestinians as accepting these principles as a basis for negotiations,” he said. “If that happens we are somewhat confident that the Palestinians will drop what they intend to do in the U.N.” via washingtontimes.com

but the U.S. already said it would veto a Palestinian state. There is no threat here… why is Obama making it a threat to Israel… if he says he will veto Palestine? It certainly is not the first time America vetoes Palestine. Even Baker did it and threatened to pull funds on top of that.

A third former senior U.S. official told the Envoy that Simon had been offered and accepted the NSC job, and noted that when Simon was at the Rand Corporation during the Bush administration, he had worked on a project on developing a Palestinian state. via Laura Rosen @ news.yahoo.com