Museum disinvites Lars Wilks from Art Exhibition for Speaking Out Against Islam

August 29, 2012

(Pamela Geller)It’s funny (/not) how the art world fashions itself as cutting edge, outside-the-box, brave culture warriors when in fact they step an fetch it for Islamic supremacists and leftist totalitarians.

Lars Vilks er endnu engang endt i et stormvejr. Foto: Stigake Jensson/AP
They should have been 17, now there are 5 artists back in Swedish exhibition.
17 Swedish artists should have presented their works at the exhibition “The pr & Jämt” on länsmuseet Jamtli in Östersund from 30 September.
But at present there are only five artists left who want their art on display at Jamtli.
The reason is the controversial artist and cartoonist Lars Vilks.
Is no longer welcome
Vilks, who among other things is known to have drawn the Prophet Mohammed as a dog, was selected to participate in the exhibition with a video installation.(MORE)

Wow do I know about this kind of thing


Lars Vilks attacked at lecture

May 26, 2010
by Baron Bodissey
Two weeks ago the Swedish artist Lars Vilks was physically attacked while giving a seminar at the University of Uppsala. His presentation featured a raunchy video that included suggestive images of gay men wearing Mohammed masks, and that was too much for the Muslims in the audience. One of them stormed the stage and head-butted Mr. Vilks, while the rest rose as one and chanted “Allahu Akhbar”. Needless to say, the remainder of the lecture was cancelled.
Several days later, to add insult to injury, Mr. Vilks’ house was vandalized and firebombed while he was away.
The University of Uppsala at first indicated that it was unlikely that Mr. Vilks’ seminar would be rescheduled on a later date, citing concerns about security. However, the university authorities have changed their minds, and now believe that adequate security for the event can be devised. Perhaps the university has borrowed some armored personnel carriers and Predator drones for the occasion.