North Korea conducted nuclear warhead tests for Iran

March 6, 2012

(Israel Hayom h/t Allyson Christy) ‎”Evidence of the nuclear tests was first published early last month in Nature magazine, citing the work of Swedish nuclear physicist Lars-Erik de Geer.
De Geer detected the presence of radioisotopes which revealed that there had been a uranium bomb explosion in North Korea, the Nature report said. “North Korea may have conducted two covert nuclear weapons tests in 2010, according to a fresh analysis of radioisotope data,” the report said.
News of the test, Nature said, “might also explain a bizarre statement issued by North Korea’s state news agency in May 2010, which said that the country had achieved nuclear fusion. The news was largely ridiculed in the South Korean and Western media — but it was not so quickly dismissed by the small circle of experts who devote their careers to ident…ifying covert nuclear tests.”
According to Ruhle, North Korea would likely not have kept mum on the tests if Pyongyang was testing its own nuclear weapons. He adds that while the country’s previous tests included bombs containing a plutonium core, the 2010 tests seemed to have used enriched uranium.
Ruhle concludes the reason for this is probably that North Korea carried out the nuclear tests for a “foreign entity” which in this case, he says, is Iran.” – Israel Hayom report