Ed Koch Vs. Larry Kramer

February 3, 2013
(nytimes.com) the playwright Larry Kramer, who never forgave Mr. Koch for his handling of the AIDS crisis while he was mayor.
“Before he moved in, I saw him with one of the building managers in the hallway, and I put two and two together that they were showing him an apartment,” Mr. Kramer said. “I screamed at the top of my lungs: ‘Don’t move in here! There are people here who hate you!’ ”
Mr. Kramer said he received a stern phone call from Rudin management that afternoon. And Mr. Koch moved in. As the two men lived on opposite sides of the building, they did not run into each other often. One day in the mailroom, however, Mr. Koch reached to pet Mr. Kramer’s dog, and the playwright snatched him away.