“Lady Bitch Ray” writes doctor thesis about headrag

February 5, 2012

(SheikYerMami) The mullahs would have fun with this one: She wears bright red dresses that sport graffiti-like writing with “F*kc Sarazzin” and “C*nt Power” and she gets attention: (Thanks to Politically Incorrect) An Alevite Turkish female who calls herself ‘Lady Ray Bitch’ aka Reyhan Sahin claims she is being misunderstood. She wrote, supported by the deeply red Rosa-Luxemburg foundation, a dissertation titled ”The Meaning of the Islamic Headscarf – a dress-emotive inquiry into Muslim headscarf wearers in Germany”. Next month she wants to attain a doctorate at the deeply red university of Bremen. She already established a publishing firm called “Vagina-Style-Pussyjuice” to publish her ‘work’. Dr Bitch then plans to move on to become ‘professor’ Bitch. So much for successful integration….. Back in the US of A: Hezbo-b*tch in the dock for drunk driving: Ex-Miss USA, Rima Fakih, Meets the Judge For Driving Under Influence. Good thing she’s in the United States and just facing an irate judge rather than a public lashing… Story HERE.

These cultural elite types really seem to believe that they can have their cake and eat it too when it comes to Islam and Feminism mixed together.