Hebrew National defends quality of kosher hot dogs amid lawsuit

June 20, 2012

(abclocal.go.com)MINNESOTA (WABC) — The makers of Hebrew National Kosher hot dogs are defending their product against a lawsuit that questions the company’s kosher standards.
The suit accuses ConAgra Foods of misleading consumers so it can charge a premium price.
Eleven individual consumers filed their complaint in May in Minnesota state court, claiming the meat processing for Hebrew National hot dogs falls short of the standards necessary to label them as kosher.
The lawsuit is seeking class action status.
ConAgra, which marks Hebrew National packages with a “Triangle K” symbol to represents that the contents are kosher “as defined by the most stringent Jews who follow Orthodox Jewish law,” denies the charges.
ConAgra uses the slogan, “We answer to a higher authority,” to promote Hebrew National products.
I don’t know… but they taste the best


Jewish Basketball Team Punished for being Kosher in Texas

February 29, 2012

(JC)(Arizona Jewish Post / JTA Ben Harris) A Texas school’s basketball team have been denied its chance to compete in a state championship because the game has been scheduled for Shabbat.
Pupils at the Orthodox Jewish Robert M Beren Academy in Houston were left celebrating after they reached the semifinals of the state contest.
But their victory was short-lived after organisers refused to change the time of the match from 9pm on Friday – after sunset – despite an appeal lodged by the school to the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools.
Edd Burleson, the association’s director, said that when the school first joined the league they were advised that this problem could arise.
“If schedules are changed for these schools, it’s hard for other schools,” he told the New York Times.
The school’s basketball coach, Chris Cole said. “One reason this is a big deal to many, is that no Orthodox Jewish team, from what we’ve heard, has ever won a state basketball championship.”(Details)

statements comparing the Torah & Talmud to Mein Kampf…cannot be legally challenged because of Wilders

June 27, 2011

The problem is that the court’s findings were still a matter of equivalence. Wilders was legally called out as being “hurtful”. The court did not actually look at the substance of Islam. I am disturbed… and have always been disturbed by this possibility boomeranging.

The Freedom Party…. plays a very negative role in the current debate on a private bill introduced by the Party for the Animals to prohibit religious slaughter without stunning an animal first. Initially, Wilders’ party’s support for the bill was seen as part of its anti-Islam policies. In the interim, it has been found that the percentage of Dutch Muslims who are not willing to eat Halal meat from stunned animals is very small.

The Freedom Party has supported this prohibition enthusiastically, knowing full well that orthodox Jews will be its main victims. In the parliamentary debate, its spokesman Dion Graus has called religious slaughter “ritual torture.” He also stated that his party is not against Muslims, as the proposed prohibition also hurts Jews. Thus once again, Jews have become an instrument in Dutch politics. When analyzing what consequences the Amsterdam court decision may have for Jews and Israel, one needs to be informed about Dutch anti-Israeli propaganda, which has succeeded in convincing more than 38% of the Dutch population that Israel intends to commit genocide against the Palestinians. This information was found in a major poll undertaken by the University of Bielefeld in Germany. Anti-Israeli inciters regularly publish in most leading Dutch media. The religious slaughter debate has unleashed a sewer of anti-Semitic talkbacks in several mainstream Dutch papers. After the verdict in the Wilders case, many of these as well as statements comparing the Torah and Talmud to Mein Kampf, and claims that Judaism is a sick religion, cannot be legally challenged.

We need to get on Wilder’s case. this needs to be clarified by the Freedom Party. Not just by Geert, but by his blogosphere. Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller need to address this.

Buses to no longer operate before Shabbat ends

June 26, 2011
The new transportation reform in central Israel, to go into effect July 1, will mean that buses that up until now were allowed to travel shortly before the Shabbat ends will no longer be able to do so. Israeli bus via Skyscraper City

The change, which was not mentioned in the Transportation Ministry announcements ahead of the change, will mean that at least four major routes will only resume their operations shortly after the Shabbat ends instead of a few hours before. (Yoav Zitun) via ynetnews.com

J Street Traif #jstconf

March 4, 2011
I was invited to the Sabbath
at a Reform shule in Poughkeepsie.
It is called Vassar Temple
and the invite was from Beth El…
the Conservative Temple’s Rabbi.
And when I arrived there after
prayer was a lecture by a man
from Dallas
(a Reconstructionist Male Rabbi)
who said we should make a big tent
for J street and then used the
Daily Beast as a reference.
I walked out and said this was pathetic
and it was not Judaism.
It isn’t… to ask to include haters on the Sabbath
is not Kosher. Debate is fine during rest,
but the debate that happened at Vassar Shule
was intended to humiliate
and had no place on Friday nights.
I was reminded that I was a guest.
(also it is odd, but they have their own lame tunes
for common songs that have had great tunes for centuries.
I’m talking about basic prayer.  and what was with the organ
and the female cantor in a performance?)
I was bewildered by the situation…

and then it seems to be an epidemic:

Please distribute this film
that Tzippy Livni must see!

This film reveals in only
2 minutes the truth about
the anti-Israel organization,
Jstreet. At the end of this week
Knesset members, Hasson,
Schwartz, Shai, and Mola,
from Kadima,
traveled to the United States,
for the annual conference
of this organization,
all expense paid.

While the Government of Israel
has cut all ties with J Street,
Kadima Knesset members
are vacationing on J Street’s account.
Kadima head Livni, must
disassociate herself from this
ethical corruption, at the least,
rebuking these members of her party.

…J street isn’t KOSHER!

@mere_rhetoric : So nice of @
to bring BDS organizers all together
at in run-up to Israel Apartheid Week.

This past weekend, J Street held a conference.
Plenty of  bloggers and others covered the event,
and there are some very good articles
that discuss exactly how J-Street
is not even close to being “pro-Israel.”

Here is one simple proof.

Starting next week
we will see the annual Israel Apartheid
Week at colleges and universities worldwide.
Every pro-Israel organization on campus
is gearing up to counter the avalanche
of anti-Israel vitriol and lies
that attack the very legitimacy of the Jewish state.

But at the J Street U site,
there is nothing but silence.
No pro-Israel programming,
no pamphlets to distribute,
no flyers or posters to counter the hate.
(They do have
some statements
that are against BDS.)

When pressed, J-Street
will mouth some words of support
for the existence of Israel.
But on their own, they
do not do anything to actively defend Israel
without carefully calibrating the message
to equally defend “Palestine.”

How can a supposedly
pro-Israel organization
not lift a finger
to defend Israel
when it is under
the most withering attack?

(For an example of what a pro-Israel
campaign looks like, check this out.)

Ben Sales went hungry at the J Street Conference.
No kosher food.

Some people say J Street is too far to the left; others complain that it’s too far right. But there’s another, more basic reason for Jews to doubt J Street’s kashrut:
Its food is literally not kosher.
Of course, plenty of Jewish organizations serve non-kosher food at their events, and that’s fine. Given that the vast majority of Jews don’t keep strict, certified kosher, there’s no reason to foot that bill. But almost all Jewish organizations, and certainly all major ones, make the effort to provide kosher options for those Jews who do require a hekhsher. At the very least, they would offer kosher food for purchase.
Not so with J Street.
When I arrived at the conference this morning, before 8 a.m., I asked a staff person if the breakfast would include kosher options. She told me it would. But when the food arrived, there was nothing kosher to be found–not even fruit. I sufficed with coffee and decided to wait for lunch, when–with an hour of free time–I could rush on the metro to a kosher restaurant.
When that time came, I got ready to hurry out of the conference room only to be told by multiple J Street staffers that there were sandwiches for purchase across the building and yes, some of them were kosher.
You can guess what happened next. I arrived at the sandwich cart and requested the kosher option. I got a blank stare in return, and when I asked the manager she told me she had no idea what I was talking about. She hadn’t heard anything about kosher sandwiches. The best they could do, they said, was a regular turkey sandwich with the cheese taken off. No good. I bought a Clif bar, a Nature Valley, a Kit Kat, an apple and a banana. I filled the feast out with some mini Twix I found at a conference table.
Maybe I’m making too much of this, but I think that an intentionally Jewish organization that bases its platform on Jewish values should make more of an effort to respect a basic traditional Jewish practice. This is especially true for J Street, which emphasizes pluralism and acceptance…

My, my.  There was this in September 2009:

…The average age of the dozen or so staff members is about 30. Ben-Ami speaks for, and to, this post-Holocaust generation. “They’re all intermarried,” he says. “They’re all doing Buddhist seders.” They are, he adds, baffled by the notion of “Israel as the place you can always count on when they come to get you.”

I guess they are also baffleds by the concept of “kosher”.
But, to be pluralistic, there’s this clarification

The “Buddhist seders” meme comes from NYT article about J Street where Jeremy Ben-Ami is cited as saying “We all hold Buddhist seders” and “We are all intermarried”. Ben-Ami is not intermarried. His wife, Sara, is a daughter of a Rabbi and descendant of a family which co-founded Petah Tikva more than 120 years ago. And of course “Buddhist seder” was just a joke.

Nevertheless, many people harped on that Buddhist seder bit but I didn’t locate any J Street corrections but one J Street sympathizer who was quite pro-Buddha

pig image via angelahart.org 

Alana Goodman reports at contentions that Republicans were a No-Show at the J Street Gala.

J Street doesn’t like to describe itself as a “left-wing” organization, but its gala dinner last night failed to attract a single Republican member of Congress. The only two GOP lawmakers listed as attendees at the gala — Rep. Marsha Blackburn and Rep. Jeffrey Fortenberry — have both clarified today that they didn’t actually go to the event.
The Washington Jewish Week’s Adam Kredo published a list earlier today of 56 members of Congress who attended…

-Representative Tammy Baldwin
-Representative Xavier Becerra
-Representative Howard Berman
-Representative Marsha Blackburn
-Representative Bruce Braley
-Senator Sherrod Brown
-Representative Lois Capps
-*Representative Russ Carnahan (Couldn’t attend)
-Representative Andre Carson
-Representative Wm. Lacy Clay
-Representative Steve Cohen
-Representative Gerry Connolly
-Representative John Conyers
-Representative Jim Cooper
-Representative Danny Davis
-Representative Susan Davis
-Representative John Dingell
-Representative Lloyd Doggett
-Representative Donna Edwards
-Representative Keith Ellison
-Representative Anna Eshoo
-Representative Sam Farr
-Representative Bob Filner
-Representative Jeff Fortenberry
-Representative Charles Gonzalez
-Representative Raul Grijalva
-Representative Martin Heinrich
-Representative Rush Holt
-Representative Sheila Jackson Lee
-Representative Marcy Kaptur
-Senator Herbert Kohl
-Representative Dennis Kucinich
-Representative Barbara Lee
-Representative David Loebsack
-Representative Betty McCollum
-Representative Jim McDermott
-Representative Gregory Meeks
-*Senator Jeff Merkley (Couldn’t attend)
-Representative Brad Miller
-Representative Gwen Moore
-Representative James Moran
-Representative Chris Murphy
-Representative Bill Owens
-Representative Bill Pascrell
-Representative Donald Payne
-Representative Chellie Pingree
-Representative Jared Polis
-Representative David Price
-Representative Nick Rahall
-Representative Jan Schakowsky
-Representative Jackie Speier
-Representative Chris Van Hollen
-Representative Maxine Waters
-Representative Peter Welch
-Representative Lynn Woolsey
-Representative John Yarmuth
-*Senator Maria Cantwell (Didn’t RSVP, but attended.)
-*Representative Earl Blumenauer (Didn’t RSVP, but attended.)
-*Representative Charlie Rangel (Didn’t RSVP, but attended.)
I’ll update and amend this list as need be.
It’s also worthwhile to note that on Tuesday, more than 700 J Street activists took to Capitol Hill to cap off the four-day conference by lobbying lawmakers on several pro-Israel fronts.
During 240 separate meetings with lawmakers, J Street’s citizen lobbyists urged their members of Congress to keep U.S. funding to both Israel and the Palestinian Authority robust.
UPDATE: Soon after posting this list, Rep. Jeff Fortenberry’s office called me up to clarify his inclusion. They say he neither RSVP’d for, nor attended J Street’s conference.
Amy Spitalnick, J Street’s spokesperson, maintains that Fortenberry’s office said he’d attend. (There was no e-mail confirmation, as I incorrectly indicated earlier.)

via elderofziyon.blogspot.com

Kosher Tyson – Bok Bok Bok Salem Alechem

November 24, 2010

From the New York Post:
Mike Tyson is in talks with businessman Moshe Malamud to launch a high-end restaurant chain, a source said. The two talked shop at Malamud’s favorite kosher eatery, Solo, on Madison Avenue, where Tyson dined with his pregnant wife, Lakiha Spicer, on mushroom soup and mixed vegetables. Tyson, who announced his decision to follow a strict vegan diet last spring, is said to have interest in breaking into the kosher-food business. “They discussed the concept as well as the name, but nothing was finalized,” a rep for Solo said. Tyson’s rep had no comment.
Which reminds me, what is the blessing one makes before taking a bite of a human ear?
Tyson converted to Islam when he was in prison for raping Miss Black Rhode Island in 1991 and he went on a pilgrimage to Mecca earlier this year. So he already has the a built in clientele from the large the Islamic wife-beating rapist cannibal glatt-kosher population.
(Elder of Ziyon: Because when you think Mike Tyson, you think “quality kosher cuisine”)

Halal Uproar Causes Backlash Against Kosher Ritual Slaughtering

October 25, 2010

The problem started earlier this month when it was revealed that McDonald’s in the UK was selling halal chicken without telling its customers:

Fast-food giant McDonald’s has admitted selling halal chicken without telling its customers. The poultry was used in popular menu items such as Chicken McNuggets and the McChicken Sandwich in its 1,200 British outlets.
The admission comes three weeks after the company categorically denied to this newspaper that it used any halal meat. Now McDonald’s has revealed that the firm that supplies its poultry, Cargill, produces halal chicken at one of its abattoirs.

Now it appears that as a reaction a major supplier of kosher meat to England has shut down its kosher operations: