Another Leftist Demonstration: Different Code, Same Old Message

February 28, 2011
Zion Square

24 of the Twelfth Month (Alef) 5771

Last Saturday night in Kikar Tzion (Zion Square), Downtown Jerusalem, there was yet another hate demonstration.
The demonstration was supposedly Against Racism. Yet, that was simply another code phrase for “Anti-Torah/Anti-Religious.” I say another, because there have been quite a few over the years. I reported on one last May, which proclaimed that “Zionists Are Not Settlers.” This code phrase should be self-explanatory. About a year ago, there was one about “Religious Pluralism,” the code phrase at that rally for “We hate Haredim.”
These demonstrations conveniently begin, just barely after Shabbath goes out. Religious Jews could not possibly get there to counter protest. Often, they begin with an unofficial march, from here to there, on Shabbath itself, saying “Look at us! We’re exercising our ‘democratic right’ not to desecrate Shabbath!”