Egypt: Who Disabled Facebook’s "We Are All Khaled Said" Page?

November 26, 2010

As Presidential elections approach, tension is rising in Egypt. On Thursday, authorities arrested 156 protesters over Wednesday’s  clashes between Christians and police, sparked by the government’s refusal of a permit to build a church. Those arrested have been accused of planning to kill policemen, and the public prosecutor has ordered their detention for two weeks.
One sign of the concern is the apparent decision to block the Facebook page “We Are All Khaled Said”. In June, Said was allegedly beaten to death in Alexandria by two policemen after he refused to give them money.
The case has sparked widespread, continuing protests, and the page gathered more than 3000 followers.
So, with more restrictions on information likely as the vote draws near, is Facebook — which is a leading social media site in Egypt — collaborating with the authorities?

Egyptian Khaled Said murdered by police for video of dirty drug cops

June 20, 2010

Khaled Said, a 28 year old Alexandrian man, who got killed on the hands of two policemen a few days ago. And the story is equally disturbing and terrifying in its simplicity: He simply was sitting in a Cyber Cafe, when two policemen walked inside and demanded the ID’s of everyone who was sitting there. When he refused to give it to them, they grabbed him, tied him up, dragged him out of the Cafe, took him to a nearby building where for 20 minutes they beat him to death, smashing his head on the handrail of the staircase, while he screamed and begged for his life, and as people around watched helplessly, knowing that if they did something, they would be accused of assaulting a police officer, which would pretty much guarantee them a similar fate. This went on for 20 minutes.

After the police discovered he died, they took the dead body to the Police station, where the Police Officer ordered them to throw it back on the street and call an ambulance, in order not to be held responsibly for him. When his brother- who had the american citizenship- found out, he went and confronted the head of the Police in his neighborhood, who told him that the story isn’t true, and that his brother was a known drug offender and that he died from asphyxiation, for swallowing a bag of drugs when the police caught him with it.

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Posted by Noah Simon