Ken O’Keefe blames Israel for the kidnapping of Vittorio Arrigoni

April 16, 2011
Ken O’Keefe Ken legally changed his name from Ken Nichols to Ken O’Keefe in 1999, thus reflecting his Irish roots, … … … … … … … via

Peace activist: Vittorio Arrigoni - bloodied and bound - in a screengrab from the Jihadist's YouTube video

It appears that the corruption… which the people who kidnapped and killed… Vittorio Arrigoni mentioned in their ransom note was the fact that… Vittorio was gay and openly living with his boyfriend ‘Emin’ in Gaza…
.Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni was found strangled after being kidnapped by Islamist militants in the Gaza
have a look at his Facebook page: a sample via…

Hostage in Gaza had no sympathy for Shalit

Vittorio Arrigoni wasn’t Pro Palestinian, he was Anti Jew… and he met his fate in the hands of his own philosophy of death.

a spokesman for the Islamist movement Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, said: “The Italian was killed by suffocation and his body was found in a street of the city of Gaza.”
Vittorio Arrigoni’s killing has been condemned by the Italian government
Italy’s Foreign Ministry has denounced the killing and has expressed “its deep horror” over what it called Mr Arrigoni’s “barbaric murder”.
Sources have told Sky News that he was strangled.
Hamas say two suspected kidnappers had been arrested and that security officials were looking for accomplices.
It is thought the arrests were made before the Italian was killed.
The intervention by Hamas may have caused the group to kill their captive ahead of the deadline they had issued. via