Turkey Strikes PKK

August 19, 2011
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PKK Flag
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Turkish jets and artillery pounded targets in northern Iraq overnight Wednesday amid an escalation in violence that could dash hopes of a resolution to the conflict between the Turkish state and the country’s Kurdish minority.
The Turkish general staff said the airstrikes hit 60 targets in the Kandil and Zap regions of Iraq, where officials in Ankara say Kurdish rebels have established a haven.

Turkey’s military on Thursday confirmed that its warplanes struck Kurdish rebel targets during cross-border raids into northern Iraq, and vowed to continue operations until the guerrilla group is “rendered ineffective.”

A military statement said fighter jets hit 60 suspected rebel targets across the mountainous region near the border with Turkey late Wednesday, as well as targets on Mt. Qandil along the Iraq-Iran border, where the leadership of the outlawed rebel group Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, is believed to be hiding.

How about an air flotilla for the Kurds? yeah…OK… so they are Commies. No one is perfect!