Hamas now bizarrely claims Ranaja’s death in Damascus was an accident

July 6, 2012

When a Palestinian leader dies there are as many reasons for his death as there are assholes.

(EOZ) Remember Kamal Ranaja, the Hamas member in Syria who was seemingly killed in Damascus a couple of weeks ago?

First some Hamas sources blamed the Mossad, then they blamed Syria for the assassination.
Palestine Today reports that now some Hamas sources are saying it was an accident.
According to the story, Ranaja was trying to run an electric generator in his home when electricity went out. After a while the generator stopped, and Ranaja tried to restart it, but apparently he used a cigarette lighter to see how to fix it. The fuel in the generator caught on fire.
Ranaja desperately tried to reach a window, but was overcome by smoke and succumbed.
This new story makes no sense. 
Electric generators that run on gasoline should never be running indoors, for example, because their exhaust is deadly..
And how does this story square with earlier reports that he was assassinated in an unusually brutal way, with him ending up decapitated and his body parts in a closet?
It seems more likely that Syria reacted to the accusations that their agents killed him with some threats against Hamas, and they concocted this story to take some of the heat off.
See also Challah Hu Akbar who has followed all the twists and turns.

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