MADONNA ‘S Muslim Lover BOY was Too Strict for Her

May 8, 2011
Queen of Pop Madonna has split
 from her toyboy lover Brahim Zaibat,
a strict Muslim, over religious differences.
Zaibat, 24, a hip-hop dancer, had been seeing Madonna, 52, who is devoted to Kabbalah, for nine months.

Whatever happened to Jesus?

“Brahim’s family had told him they did not want him going to Kabbalah meetings and wanted him to stick to his Muslim beliefs, which caused some rows,” the Daily Mail quoted a source close to Zaibat as saying.

“Things started to turn sour and they were hardly seeing each other,” the source said.
A friend of the hip-hop dancer revealed that Zaibat is happy with the decision.

“Who’s Madonna? Brahim has been home and he’s a single guy,” the friend said.
“He is no longer an item with Madonna. He’s very happy. There’s nothing more to say,” the friend added. via


Kabbalah Center under tax probe

May 6, 2011

I have been warning people for a long time about Kabbalah. I looked into it myself around 2001 and found it full of Astrology. Western Astrology is from the Greeks. It is Helenism. It is not a science, it is not a philosophy, it has nothing to do with the Torah.
From the LA Times:
The Kabbalah Centre, the Los Angeles-based spiritual organization that mingles ancient Jewish mysticism with the glamour of its celebrity devotees, is the focus of a federal tax evasion investigation probing, among other things, the finances of two charities connected to Madonna, the center’s most famous adherent.

Sources familiar with the investigation said the criminal division of the IRS is looking into whether nonprofit funds were used for the personal enrichment of the Berg family, which has controlled the Kabbalah Centre for more than four decades, a period in which it expanded from one school of a little-known strain of Judaism to a global brand with A-list followers like Ashton Kutcher and Gwyneth Paltrow and assets that may top $260 million.

Among the items that investigators have reviewed, according to one source, is an August 2010 email in which a former chief financial officer of the center complained that he had been fired for pointing out financial improprieties and warned that the center was in danger of “committing suicide.”

“I recently uncovered instances of income tax fraud at the Kabbalah Centre — instances which could bankrupt several of the directors involved … this is very serious business,” the former CFO, Nicholas Vakkur, wrote in an email that circulated among high-level officials at the center. “I have little choice but to cooperate with the IRS and bring down the entire Kabbalah Centre,” Vakkur wrote, adding a plea that “someone in authority” try to “reason” with center Chief Executive Karen Berg.
The EoZ archives has a 2005 article from the BBC about the Kabbalah Center that was even more damning.

Catholic father baptizes Jewish daughter and defies court order

March 3, 2010

As a man who made a child with a gentile this issue comes close to my heart, but I understand that in the end a human being grows up and makes his own decisions. We should have more faith in our kids then to assume that they are all just blank states for brainwashing. I am confident that no matter what amount of Christianity my son’s grandparents give him that in the end he is going to want to know the other opinion. Jewish people need to have more faith in Judaism.

If a Christian is truly religious they will try to understand what Rabbinical Judaism is saying. Religion should not be a loyalty like a sports team. The questions religion proposes between Judaism and Christianity are in such a way that if there is no coercion that each individual has an opportunity to find either direction. There are also many variations between the duality of these faiths.

As a Jew many are shocked that I consider the idea of Kabbalah to be deeply pagan and idolatrous. The Torah to me is inspired by g-d and while probably very accurate is not to be considered the actual words of g-d. This puts even myself in conflict with other Jews and it is a deep philosophical schism that I have with a people who often ritually kiss Torah scrolls. I see no reason to any manifestation of g-d in literature. One would think this would put me at odds with the Jewish community, but it doesn’t because the schism has not been politicized like the break between Judaism and Christianity.

Throughout the video interview Rebecca Reyes tears-up. She claims “This is about parenting. This is not about religion.” But the interview transcripts tell a different story.
(Excerpt):“Judaism is who I am when I wake up in the morning. It’s saying the Shema (every morning and every night before I go to bed). It’s lighting Shabbas candles every Friday and having Shabbas dinner…I observe Passover, eight days of Passover, strictly. I observe Rosh Hashanah, I observe Yom Kippur… “

I truly wonder how interested in g-d either of these parents are or if this is really about their egos and taking punitive action on a former lover. It is so sad that their child is caught in the middle of this. The father is breaking his word and neither parent has understanding of their faith. This is a decision for the child to make.

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